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Added: 15/02/2013 - 03:55AM
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Last updated at 21:21, 21 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 3:55, 15 Feb 2013

This mod has two versions, one requiring Dawnguard and one for those without Dawnguard. Do not use both, and only use the Dawnguard version if you have Dawnguard. Both versions are just bulk recipes for crafting arrows, they use the same reagents as crafting one at a time.

Version 1.1 out, fixes recipes for bulk steel arrows to both DG and non-DG. What I did on the conditionals was "IngotSteel = 10" instead of "IngotSteel >= 10". Oops. Also added is an optional file for the Dragonborn arrows (ONLY has recipes for DB arrows). Please let me know if you need me to upload a non-DG compatible version, I'm not sure if the recipes are in without it.

Dawnguard version: Adds 5x (120) and 10x (240) recipes for all types of craftable arrows. Requires Dawnguard. Recipes are hidden in the forge unless you have the required perks and materials.

Non-Dawnguard: 1x (24), 5x (120), and 10x (240) recipes for all types of craftable arrows from Dawnguard except Dragonbone (they aren't in the vanilla game). This version does not require Dawnguard. Recipes for 5x and 10x are hidden unless you have the required perks and materials. 1x shows up always if you have the perks (like regular Dawnguard recipes).

OPTIONAL Dragonborn: 5x (120) and 10x (240) recipes for Stalhrim and Nordic arrows. They require the same perks as the 1x recipes and are just scaled up for convenience. Note, this version ONLY has the Dragonborn arrows, install one of the above AND this file if you have Dragonborn.

If you notice any bugs, please post a comment or message me on the Nexus. Thank you!