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Remove orphan script instances from savegames
Remove actual script instances by filter
Terminate active threads
Disassemble scripts stored inside your savegames

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This tool is obsolete, use the GUI version instead:

Script-based problems can be caused by several reasons:

Problem 1: Old script records from deleted mods keep processing events and calls, this can lead to crashes

Problem 2: Actual scripts leads to crashes because of bugs or invalid variable values

Problem 3: Stucked threads, they keep working forever. Sometimes this can be caused by updating the mod to a new version while old threads are working

Symptoms: Script-based delays (NOT GAME LAGS!!!!! )

Problem 4: Invalid variable values. Any script from any mod can change any property from any other script (no restriction)
Sometimes, modders use such technique to change the vanilla properties. This can lead to problems after you uninstall or update the mod.

A lot of gamers just give up and start entire game from Helgen, loosing hours of gameplay, rare items and the world shaped by their actions.
You don't have to.

Feel free to ask any questions

BACKUP YOUR OLD SAVES!!! I take no responsibility for any harm done while performing this instructions.

How scripts are stored inside your savegame (basic overview, this scheme is old, made in 2013):

My works:

Bloodthirst (Vampire NPCs will feed just like the player)
Dark Maneuvers - Vampire Lord enhancement (Harkon Shield, Undead Lords, etc)
Stealth Kills for Followers (standalone feature from MUT)