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I am now going to be taking requests from people who want better makeup to be fitted to textures that aren't already available, just send me a message!

Ever notice that SKSE makes the default makeup look nasty and pixelated?
Well not any more! I bring you Better Makeup for SKSE!
A total revamp and upscale o

Permissions and credits

*Image by TairenSoul

[size=9]This is a Custom unique Makeup set created by Me.[/size]

[size=7]I will now be taking requests for makeup to be fitted to texture that aren't available as of yet, But those that ask must be willing to work with me in the testing process. Just send me a message with your requests! [/size]


For anyone who uses
'Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for UNP - WIP by Zonzai'
Using the lips set for Better Females by Bella fits, and looks good!

Just added 2 Less Intense versions of nuska's amazing Ethereal Elven Overhaul tintmasks in High Res!
2 variants to start with! More upon request!

[size=5.5]Just added nuska's amazing Ethereal Elven Overhaul tintmasks in High Res!
2 variants to start with! More upon request!

*Lip Makeup Tintmasks to fit almost every face texture!*
*if you don't see yours, Just Ask!*

I have just been givin permission to use HHaley's own Makeup Tweaks mod in High Res!
Available Here! Get It Now!

It was brought to my attention that I had duplicated the softer makup files, so it's now been fixed! My humble apologies!
(It was the main file that was wrong, Now Fixed!)

First off, I HIGHLY Recommend XCE - Warpaint and Dirt by the very talented Xenius, for his amaizing work done on the dirt maps and foresworn warpaints!

Next I Recommend RACE MENU by Expired as it will help tremendously with utilizing the high resolution of this Makeup set. It is not necessary, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It is an awesome mod and makes the
' ~ showracemenu ' feature much less glitchy and much more streamlined!

[size=8]For the Makeup to look like it does in the images:[/size]

You should use SKSE 1.6.16. Thanks to an INI setting added to SKSE, it is now possible to use HD (2048x2048) Makeup applied to your character rather than being limited to the vanilla resolution (256x256). To allow this you MUST have SKSE installed and you should add these lines to your SKSE.INI:


Note: Prior to the introduction of this SKSE settings, no matter how big the makeup textures were, the game downscaled them to the vanilla resolution at 256 x 256. This setting though, while allowing for higher resolution makeup textures, will cause low resolution makeup textures to look worse due to upscaling.

Because these are done in Hi Def 2048 x 2048, if you do not use this SKSE tweak, the Makeup will look more pixelated than in these images.

To Install, simply open the .rar file, drag and drop the Data file into your Skyrim folder and overwrite if needed. You can also copy and paste the single file you wish to use in the Tintmasks folder. (Data/texture/actors/character/character assets/tintmasks).

Delete the files in the Tintmasks folder to return to the vanilla makeup or overwrite with your own or other makeup if you so choose.

The assets from this file may not be used without my expressed permission. Please feel free to ask, as I will usually approve. Thank you for your respect regarding this.

THANKS to Every One of my friends out there, for sharing all of the Awesome and Inspirational screenarchery that you all do so well! There are far too many of you for me to name you all! ;)

BIG THANKS to nuska for letting me host the High Res tintmasks for her amazing mod EEO!

ANOTHER BIG THANKS to HHaley for letting me feature her Face Tweaks mod here in Hi Res!

SHOUT OUT to Xenius for his Awesome works!

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to TairenSoul for all the work she did on the screenshots, and all the time she spent showing me the light! Couldn't have done it without you!!

If you like this,
Check out my other mod!
Weathered and Worn Warpaints by ME

Other Tintmask mods that are Awesome!
TairenSoul Tattoo Warpaint for Men by TairenSoul
TairenSoul Face Tattoo Warpaint (women) by TairenSoul
Makeup Tweaks by HHaleyy (normal res softer makeup)
There are also many others to search for as well! so ~Let's get our Faces On!