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Vlindrel Hall Reborn

Vlindrel Hall in Markarth is truly a fine home but now it can be so much better! For starters, the original home has been cleaned of much of the clutter that gave it the feel of a pawn shop addict's hide-out.

Seriously, who needs that many brooms? Must Argis have food to eat at every table in the house? Two cooking areas? Thank you but Argis only needs one kitchen to make me a sandwich. A skeever head... a mounted skeever head... KILL IT!!! AGAIN!!

Both minor and major functional additions have been made to ensure life at home is awesome for the Dovahkiin. Small aesthetic changes are to be found throughout the Hall as well.

Some of the helpful minor additions to the main hall include:

- New wall mounted Dwemer cabinet in the enchanting room for storing soul gems and the like.
- A second mannequin in the main room (don't worry, there are more in the armory).
- Most bookshelves are now functional (one was removed to make room for the mannequin).

And now for the major additions...

Vlindrel Hall Armory and Forge

From my previous standalone mod, in this addition you will find a Dwemer forge and every tool you need to craft armor and weapons. There are twelve mannequins and numerous weapons and shield plaques to display your finest gear. The walls are peppered with Dwemer storage cabinets while chests, satchels, and knapsacks can be found in strategic places around the room.

Vlindrel Hall Library

Also previously a standalone mod of mine. Not even the famed Calcelmo has any idea what this room was originally used for. Found in remarkably pristine condition it makes the perfect library to safeguard the lore of Skyrim and the rest of Tamriel.

Twenty functional tall noble bookshelves line the walls and mark the quarters of the central study in this magnificent example of refined Dwemer architectural design. Dwemer cabinets and a central desk with two embedded chests provide ample additional storage. Don't forget to look up, you'll be happy you did with such a view.

Vlindrel Hall Reborn Porch edition

This optional edition includes everything you love from Vlindrel Hall Reborn and adds a porch worthy of the grandeur of Markarth! A scenic view with seating for two and an alchemy station with storage alongside a small garden grace this lofty platform. For all you Hearthfire users, now you can finally get that room for the rugrats and still have a great place to meddle with potions.

Recommended mod for using bookshelves as display storage for all kinds of objects in addition to books:

Unlimited Bookshelves by da5id2701

Other highly recommended mods:

Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SLuckyD

Static Mesh Improvement Mod by Brumbek

As always, please let me know if you find any bugs. I clean all of my mods with TES5Edit and NEVER delete objects or references. Endorsements are welcome and appreciated.

WARNING: Use only one file, each optional version is a complete mod. Back up your saves. Vlindrel Hall Reborn removes some storage containers from the original house. You will lose whatever was in them!

Works best if you have never been inside Vlindrel Hall before. For the porch edition it is best not to load a save from inside Markarth unless you are inside a building (and not in Vlindrel Hall) I have found with most character saves that some of the clutter gets put back in if they'd been inside the hall previously.

Note: This mod does not include any texture files. I use a mix of retexture mods from all over the Nexus so things may look slightly different for you than what is shown in my screenshots.

Special thanks to taerie for testing this for me with Realistic Lighting Overhaul by Sydney666_Daemonui

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13 Feb, 2013: v1 released.

14 Feb, 2013: v1.1 released. Fixes missing cooking pot. Fixed navmeshing of all three sections to correct occasional follower getting left behind (poor entry triangle placement). Some really minute object placement tweaks here and there.

16 Feb, 2013: v1.2 released. Additional aesthetic changes, clipping fix for two chairs in the library, a few more random bits of clutter cleaned up. Barring any bugs found this should be the final release. :)

Optional Porch edition released.

Realistic Lighting Overhaul compatible versions released. Removed all lighting changes to Vlindrel Hall so there are no conflicts with RLO.

19 Feb, 2013: v1.2a released for Porch edition. Adds porch to view from outside the city and adds city gates area objects to view from porch (see screenshots for comparison). OK so it took me a minute to realize I did not take into account just what the new vantage point from the porch would include... and that the porch itself was not visible from outside the city walls. This has been corrected and released as v1.2a of the Porch edition. RLO version also updated! :)

9 Mar, 2013: v1.2b released for standard and RLO Porch edition. Complete redo of the Markarth navmesh (since adding the porch altered it all anyway). I corrected a number of door marker triangles to make them work better, fixed two staircases, and repaired 9 places where the cell borders didn't connect properly using Bethesda filters.

11 Mar, 2013:

v1.2d released for standard and RLO Porch edition. Many thanks to Arthmoor for sharing bits of wisdom on the AFK Mods forum. Turns out there was a 'relatively' simple fix to make via TES5Edit that changes the Form ID of my new Markarth Origin cell navmesh to the one that was used for the original navmesh Form ID. Presto-Blammo, a working mod!

v1.2c released (no longer needed, YAY!) for standard and RLO Porch edition. Restores mod to pre-city navmesh version to correct bugs with NPCs inside the city. This means the porch is only walkable by you, the player. NPCs will not be able to hang out with you on the porch unfortunately but that just means you don't have to share all the porchy goodness with anyone (sorry if you wanted to, your followers will just have to watch from a couple meters away for the time being).

13 Mar, 2013: v1.3 released - all versions. All improvements now set to only appear after purchasing the normal decorating upgrades from the Markarth steward. Potions crate in bedroom common area moved to correct minor clipping.

12 May, 2013: v1.4 released - all versions. Removed the woodpile that clipped with child bed when using Hearthfire. Re-cleaned with TES5Edit version 3-0-29