Craft Miraaks Armour by Didymus Ei
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Craft Miraaks Armour

Didymus Ei

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I'm on a break as of March 15th, 2013. I'll check for bug reports over the first few weeks after the 15th.

Craft Mirraks Mask and Armor, enchanted* or non-enchanted. Clothing, Light, and Heavy armor
versions. Roughly Daedric Armor strength for heavy armor. Between Glass and Dragonscale for
light. Requires that you beat the Dragonborn DLC main quest.

* - To craft enchanted versions you must use the mask or robe you looted off Miraak at the end
of Dragonborn.

[Change Log]
- Fixed enchanged cloth boots

- Added Gloves and boots
- Tweaked weights to better fit type (Light/Heavy)

- Initial release

[Required Files]
Official Dragonborn DLC

Unzip the file. Drag and drop the Data folder into your skyrim game directory. (steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/).

[Known Issues]
- None I know of

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