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An Armor meant for the master hunter/ranger. Requires Dragonborn DLC

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Who is Ullr?

"Ull, Old Norse Ullr, in Norse mythology, the god of snowshoes, hunting, the bow, and the shield; he was a handsome stepson of the thunder god Thor. Ull possessed warrior-like attributes and was called upon for aid in individual combat. He resided at Ydalir (Yew Dales).

Although not much has been recorded about Ull, he must have been a very prominent deity in the Norse pantheon at one time because, according to one tradition, the god Odin offered Ull’s favours as a reward to the one who would aid him. In addition, Ull’s name appears as part of many Swedish and Norwegian place-names. In the chronicles of the Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus, Ollerus is the equivalent of Ull."

-Enyclopedia Britanica-


v1.5 Added a new craftable bow found in Wood at the forge.
v1.4 Check Change-log for update.
v1.3 Check Change-log for update.
v1.2 Check Change-log for update.

Dragonborn Required

Adds a set of Retextured Nordic Carved Armor, Comes in Light and Can be crafted under the Wood cataegory in the tanning rack. An Armor ment for the master huntsman,
you will make great use of your extra Pelts.

This Armor is scaled to Dragon Scale Quality, but getting the materials isn't easy. For most recipes you need Bear, Wolf, and Fox fur. As well as
Firewood to carve and a Carving Knife. The Knife can be crafted with Iron, leather strip, and firewood. Also to give the wood a nice glossy finish
you are required to acquire Spriggan sap.

I made this mod for my Current playthrough, a Nordic Ranger. An Elite Hunter and explorer, I feel this armor will be a great end game for my story.
I may or may not make a bow to go with this armor, but for now I recommend "Faal Sizaan: by Artisantix.

This armor comes in both Male and Female sizes. Does not Support UNP or CBBE.


If done manually, extract contents into Skyrim/Data folder. If through nexus mod manager, just download and install through Manager.


Fur Hoods HD
I would like to thank Northborn, creator of Fur Hoods HD for allowing me to use his Model and texture for the "Cowl of Ulle".

Recommended mods:

Faal Sizaan by Artisantix

Winter Is Coming - Cloaks by Nivea - If you would like a more Thicker look.


No Known bugs, but from my experience with Modding some users whom have played my mods experience a texture issue. Im not sure what causes it, but
some say running the game textures on high quality or even downloading Adobe photoshop trial mode can fix it.

This mod uses its own Models and textures, so conflicts are to a minimum if not any.