Buyable Riverwood home by Rocopherus
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Last updated at 15:48, 28 Dec 2014 Uploaded at 16:34, 12 Feb 2013

-------------------------------------------------- REQUIRES SKSE ------------------------------------------------------------

This mod was created to fulfill my need for a purchaceable house in an easily accessible area, that did not come with full crafting capabilities - I got sick of wanting a simple house mod I could use for my characters I use as townsfolk but having enchanting equipment involved.

The house is located on the shore opposite the lumber mill in Riverwood. It was initially a copy of Faendal's house which I edited to make it feel a bit more basic. The pier near the mill was extended to the opposite shore. The bank near the home was also altered to have a gentle slope toward the water rather than a steeper cliff. This area was designed to blend with the wooded surroundings and waterfall nearby. A smelter was also added near the blacksmith in Riverwood.

All containers are safe inside the home. They were duplicated and marked not to respawn. The containers outside the home are NOT safe.

The house is buyable for 2500 gold from Gerdur in Riverwood. If you do not have skse installed it she will not give you the option (Thanks to SithNichole for finding that out)

V3 out now! Navmeshed outside the building and inside. Removed smelter next to Alvor's, so should mods that now add that functionality are useable now.

Learnt how to use the CK just for this and I'd say it was worth it.

To install just use NMM.

If you report anything, I will reply via PM.

The base of this mod was originally done by SteepledHat and if you check it you will see the similarities. This link to his mod is here - - and I tried to get into contact with him but to no avail. Because of this I will still post but will remove it should it be requested - but that would be bad :(