More Modest Tavern Girls by Iceburg
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Last updated at 15:15, 9 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 15:13, 9 Dec 2011

Makes Tavern Girls more modest by replacing their clothes with the barkeep clothes.

************************WARNING: THIS MOD HAS BEEN UPDATED/REPLACED. USE MY "Skyrim Modesty Mod" INSTEAD. Thanks.************************

Skyrim Modesty Mod edits both the skinny and fat versions of 15 female amours. That's 30 meshes designed to make Skyrim a more modest country.
Unlike other modesty mods that simply replace immodest armors with modest ones, Skyrim Modesty Mod tweaks each armor so that you can enjoy a more modest Skyrim, while maintaining all of its original diversity.

Copy the 'Data' folder over into your Skyrim folder (where your exe is).

Go to the Skyrim\Data\meshes\clothing\wench folder and delete the wenchoutfit_0 and wenchoutfit_1 .nif files.

If you don't like this mod due to your personal taste, please don't comment.