Horse Fast Dismount by Kacemus
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Added: 09/12/2011 - 03:13PM
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Last updated at 15:19, 9 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 15:13, 9 Dec 2011


When you ride your horse and you have been attacked, you first need to stop and go down the horse playing this long dismount animation...

But with this little mod you will no longer let the oportunity to ennemy to hit you three or more times before you taking your sword.
A real warrior will jump from the horse and kick the ennemies ass...
That what this mod let you do..

Its a simple "animation remove" that let you dismount your horse instantly without any delay....

The mounting animation is not affected by this...

Video Demonstration (No Spoil) :

Bugs/Issues and fixes

-- When dismounting a horse, NPCs or player can fall trough the ground --

NPCs dismount animation is affected by this mod, and sometimes, when he dismount his horse, that can make the NPC walk into the floor ( can happen to your character rarely ). That will not break anything in the game but the immersion..

-- When dismounting a horse running fast, Player can "fly" a little before falling down --

Its a rare issue too and normally that didnt affect anything, take care when you are on a high mountain with your horse.


I want to thanks everyone who commentating, endorse the file, and gives some ideas/feedbacks. The only thing i can say is i cant do anything more until the Construction Set is not available but i will do my best to satisfy everyone when it will be out...

And sorry if my english is not very good...