Miraak Sword Improved by BlackStorm945
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Added: 11/02/2013 - 08:12AM
Updated: 19/09/2017 - 07:01PM

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Last updated at 19:01, 19 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 8:12, 11 Feb 2013

In my opinion Miraak's Sword isn't all that great, for an end game item. It has a cool effect... but other than that it's lame. so I made it up to par. it still absorbs stamina but that's only a secondary effect. the main "tentacle whip" effect now does 15 poison damage over 5 seconds. the secondary effects are absorb health, stamina, and magicka by 15 points on strike respectively. it also increases the range a bit (i mean come on it stretches when you swing).

I apologize for the no whip swing bug, it has been resolved it was in fact the other three effects. I have fixed them by adding three new magic effects that all have the whip effect but still absorb health, stamina, and magicka. it does not replace the original absorb enchantments as that would be weird. I have personally tested this and it seems to have fixed it (I didn't test it before and I apologize for this. it wasn't a noob thing, I was just lazy :P)


Epzaos for the improved range (I didn't technically use his mod but I did use the same value so I'll give credit to him anyway)