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Adds more lanterns and their corresponding lights to various other mods.

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[SIZE=14]Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One Compatibility Patches[/SIZE]
After downloading Lanterns of Skyrim I found that a few of my mods that had extended various cities and villages wouldn't all be fully covered. So as a result I stepped out of just downloading mods to start modifying them.

[SIZE=12]Current Mods Patched[/SIZE]
So far the mods that are covered are as followed:
Dawnstar Expanded:
Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins:

I will continue to expand upon the variety of patches on here as time goes on.

I plan to include patches for ThirteenOranges Places, Highland Milk Farm, and more that can be suggested by you.
And if you have any suggestions for the current patches up be sure to tell me I would like to hear what you have to say.

Base mod(You need this for everything in these patches):
Skyrim updated to 1.8
And the corresponding mod for the patch.

[SIZE=12]Installation and load order[/SIZE]
Easy as pie. Just drop the esp into your data folder through either NMM or manual installation doesn't matter where it goes through in the end. And make sure you have Lanterns of Skyrim All in One esm and light preset you want in the data folder
For the load order put the patch below the according mod, if you have any other mods that modify that area put the patch above that.

Also no being rude to people and don't call me names, it isn't very nice and won't get you anywhere in life. :)