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A minor retex of the default Dragonbone weapons from the Dawnguard expansion, making them more fitting for darker characters.

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Darker Dragonbone Weapons

This mod is a simple retexture for the vanilla Dragonbone weapons.
Have you ever felt like the vanilla Dragonbone weapons introduced in the Dawnguard expansion didn't fit very well with your Daedric-clad tank characters, assassins, or "evil" mage characters?
This was a quick attempt by yours truly to rectify that problem.
I've sharpened the default textures, gray-scaled them, and tweaked the brightness in order to change the default white/brown textures into something more gray/black, while still retaining much of their original overall appearance.

Compatibility: Requires Dawnguard, should be compatible with any mods that don't alter the Dragonbone weapons.

Issues: None that I can think of.

Installation: Just unzip into your data folder and you should be good to go.

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