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Guts sword

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[size="6"]"That thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it was more like a large hunk of iron."[/size]

Guts Dragonslayer, i know you wanted it, or at least i know i did.
Sword can be purchased from Eorlund, or it can be crafted with 20 iron ingots and 2 leather strips (it's found in the daedric category). Can be improved at the grindstones and enchanted, the base damage is 28 (VS. the 24 daedric greatsword base damage), so it's not too overpowered.

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- VER 1.0
initial release
- VER 1.1
made the blade thinner, as requested, screenshot:
Also, check the comparison image:
- VER 1.2
A bit thinner than the last, shorter tip, longer (not by much, it doesn't clip with the terrain), working normal maps, less glossy. Check the screenshot here:
- VER 1.3
Made the guard a bit wider, the end knob a bit smaller, changed the textures of the handle, and made the black part a bit less black.
Check the screenshot:
- VER 1.3a
Added rusty textures in optional files. Remember, you need the full mod first, then download the textures and copy them in Data\textures\weapons\dragonslayer. Overwrite when prompted.
Check out the screenshot:
- VER 1.3b
Added Terralventhe's retexture, found in optional files. As usual, drop the files inside the rar in the Data\textures\weapons\dragonslayer directory.
Here's the screenshot:
- VER 1.4
Increased handle length a little, added scratches on the guard and the end knob, re-did the normal maps, darken the edges a bit.
Check the screenshot:
- VER 1.4a
RedSlav did a retexture, he touched up the blade a bit and i think the final effect is really nice! For now only in 1024x1024, but he's working on the 2048x2048 version, expect it soon.
Check the screenshot:
- VER 1.4b
OPTIONAL: Adds the Dragonbane enchantment (+40 damage to dragons, +10 dragon damage). Just the .esp file, you need the main files first! Then drop the data folder in your main game directory. Found in optional files.
- VER 1.4c
OPTIONAL: Added a version that uses the two-handed axes animations! Sword should be recognized as a sword, so sword's perks should work. Be warned: i needed to increase the handle length, also blocking in third person looks stupid. You need the main file for textures. Both enchanted and not enchanted versions avaiable. Thanks to Eferas for the help :).
Also, if you're overwriting an existing .esp and you load a save with the sword already equipped, you need to dis-equip it and re-equip, it won't work otherwise. This needs to be done only the first time you load the .esp, then if you save your game everything will work.
Check the screenshot:
UPDATE: Thanks to Eferas we now have good axes animations, so the third person blocking problem is now fixed. Be warned, this changes the animations for all the axes, because right now it's impossible to do otherwise :).
- VER 1.5
Redid the pommel! Now it's more similar to the original one. Unfortunatly that broke the UV for the optional retextures, in a couple of hours i'll adjust them, so just be patient for a moment :).
Check the screenshot:
UPDATE: Every retexture have been updated! Terralventhe updated his retexture, now it includes the scratches introduced in version 1.4! Screenshot here:
- VER 1.5a
DraculaOffspring made a new model with textures! You can find it in the optional files. I added it as an indipendent item in the game, same as my model. This will NOT interfere with the main mod, you can have both .esp activated at the same time since they have different names.
Check out the screenshot:
- VER 1.5b
Updated the handle UV and textures in the axes animations version! Now the file includes the handle textures (only those, you still need the main file for the other textures, sorry about that, but my connection isn't the fastest so uploading big files takes time).
Check the screenshot:
UPDATE: I realized the pommel weren't properly aligned, it is now fixed!
UPDATE1: The blood layer is now fixed! The files now includes all the textures to prevent problems, so they don't need the main file anymore! Textures are 2048x2048 version.
UPDATE2: Fixed the folder structure in the axes animations .rar, now it should work! Sorry about that, it's getting harder to keep track with so many files.
- VER 1.5c
DraculaOffspring sent me the updated model compatible with the axes animations, it's now up! He also fixed the normal maps, so the problem with the texture in the handle should be solved.
- VER 1.5d
Nubblecakes made model and textures in this! Great work! It's an indipendent mod, so you can have both the main mod and the Nubblecakes version. Only the axes animations version since the handle is really long and he made it with those animations in mind.
Check the screenshot:
[size="6"]- VER 2.0[/size]
It's finally here. Re-did the guard (thanks to mandarinn for his awesome tutorial), re-did the handle, re-did the rings, re-did some textures! This is my best dragonslayer ever :).
Warning: some retextures aren't updated for the new model, i'll update them when i can/when the authors send me an updated version :).
Check out the screenshots:
- VER 2.0a
Added a mesh with shorter axe handle in optional files. Just the mesh, you need the main file for the axes animations first! This makes the handle a bit shorter, so the hand rests on the pommel.
- VER 2.0b
Added a new retexture by RedSlav for version 2.0. It looks REALLY good, check it out in the optional files.
- VER 2.0c
- Added Fenixant retexture of DraculaOffspring's version
- Added RedSlav retexture in 1024x1024 for slower graphics card
- Added a "more weight" mod, it changes the weight of the sword to 62. The .rar includes two .esp:
Dragonslayer.esp - uses the swords animations
Dragonslayer_axes.esp - uses the axes animations
How to install it: Delete the dragonslayer.esp in your Data folder. Then copy ONE of the esp included in the .rar. ONLY ONE. IF you use the axes animations .esp, rename it to "dragonslayer.esp".

Model and textures made only by myself, if you want something changed let me know and i'll see what i can do. There are two version, one with 2048x2048 textures, and one with 1024x1024 textures, for now saved in DXT1 with alpha to limit filesize. If you want a DXT3/DXT5 version let me know, i didn't upload them right away because of the size. Use the 2048x2048 if you have a modern graphic card with plenty of Vram. Otherwise use the 1024x1024 version.
The blood layer works, i re-did the UV mapping.

Drop the Data folder in your Skyrim directory, then open the Skyrim launcher and click "Data
files". Be sure that the Dragonslayer.esp is checked, then activate "load loose files".

Model and textures were made entirely by me, and i declare this mod as a modder resource, so you can edit whatever you want, port to whatever game you want, make retextures, whatever. I only ask 2 things in return:
- You credit me in your work
- you send me a PM/email with the link to your mod, i like to see other people mods :).

Obviously i didn't make some of the optional retextures and models, they were made by other Berserk's fans and we agreed to put them in the optional files category for other fans to download. So if you want to use those files in your mod you need to ask them :).

Thanks to Jaysus for the tutorial.
Thanks to Ghogiel for the continuous support.
Thanks to Waaaghbafet for some tips on the STAT values.
Thanks to somuchmonsters for the blood effects video tutorial.
Thanks to Samutz in the Bethesda's forum for the smithing tutorial.
Thanks to Eferas for the brainstorming, the betatesting and the axes animations.
Thanks to Terralventhe, RedSlav and Fenixant for the optional retexture.
Thanks to DraculaOffspring and Nubblecakes for an optional model and textures.
Thanks to Mandarinn for his awesome tutorial.
And thanks to everyone in the Nexus forum.