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..Charge Your Jump Heights / SpeedMults by Holding Sneak or Sprint with mcm

Permissions and credits
update. this one.. allows you to separate the sprinter from the pouncer, and adds a new mode for incremental stages.
with every other tweak i could conceive. (with a little help)

..also if you missed it check out the parkour animation

Whats it..
Jump/Speed Charger
Allowing you to run n jump like a loon if n when u wish, rooftop to rooftop, across rivers n gorges,
up mountains and over giants heads.. like any vamp, mage, ninja, whatever should be able to..
and revert to a normal jump height right after, requiring a modicum of judgement and timing skill.

Hows it work?
How'd u want it to work?
- 3-stage.. nice n easy
- custom-stage.. as tricky as you'd like

Hold the set trigger, for a set amount of time,
to add set stages to your jump height and speedmult, for a set time.

this is just one way it can.. Basic 3-stage, Dawnguard FX

using Momo Acrobat, Pretty_Combat_Idles, Jump Animations, Animcam, Lustmord Vamp Armor, DreadKnight Weapons

Momo's or YY's animations for the jump, Pretty_Combat_Idles for the sneak, and parkour for the landing..

MCM gets you..
- The Jump/Speed Settings
- Various FX (+none)
- Penalties (Stamina/Magicka)
- Timers (every possible)
- Beast Only Switch (by request)

(defaults are 3-stage, single mode, using sneak & sprint keys)

Howd u use it
Requires SKSE (version 1.06.00.. so skyrim ) & MCM

-Install, Run..
-Edit with MCM

If you rebind your sneak n sprint keys / switch to gamepad or back / it stops working?
.. open n close the menu to reset.

Your chosen settings are restored as u set them everytime u trigger this. so probably anything that changes the fJumpHeightMin and SpeedMult settings directly and more than once. (this way to maintain compatibility with spell-based modifiers as the settings are settable anyway)
Known conflicts are:

Survivalist Ingenuity
Player Size Adjuster

..i've been told with these the fx appears but the game settings refuse to change, im unsure why or if this will be the case with any mod that changes theses settings in-game. i am sure compatible patches can be made but i dont think its fair to bother anyone else about it. if they allow you to do it though thats fine by me

- sprinting too fast for too long through a heavily modified game can cause crashes.

Everyone, the skse guys, the wiki, steve40 for being just everywhere in the forums, (really gets around, kudos+) n uz guys