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This program is made to change your character. It can:

- add/remove perks
- change skill level
- change healt, magicka, stamina, weight and gold
- change character level
- change race, name and appearance
- adding: weapons, agic weaons, arrows, dards, light armors (boots, helmets, gauntlets, ect), heavy armor (boots, helmets, gauntlets, shields, ect), artefacts (unique items in game), potions and food

The program creates a file called "save_edit.txt" on your desktop, callable by console (using "bat save_edit") that will modify your character as you wanted.

How to use it

1- Modify the value you want in the program
2- When you're done, go to "Save" tab and press "save" button
3- On your desktop, now there is a file called "save_edit.txt"
4- Move it on your skyrim main dir (example: C:\Program Files\Skyrim)
5- Start Skyrim and load a savegame
6- When loading is done, press ` (tilde) to open console
7- Write: bat save_edit.txt
8- Press enter. Done.

if you wish to modify or upload anywhere else YOU MUST pm Me so i cna email the author.
All CREDIT goes to Seicaratteri, i have only uploaded it

source code of version 1.4, both english and italian, released with GNU GPL license