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Added: 10/02/2013 - 08:00PM
Updated: 26/02/2013 - 10:44AM

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Last updated at 10:44, 26 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 20:00, 10 Feb 2013

- Fixed the weight problem.
*Now achilles will have a more "Brad Pitt" accurate weight.
- Face Re-done. Brad Pitt's face has been improved.
- Sword Textures. The sword texures have been improved too, giving it more glow and bright.
- Armor textures. The armor textures have been improved too.

How to upgrade from versions:
- Speak with Achilles. Fire him. Remove him from your companion list.
- Then you need to make a clean save.
Unninstall the old version. Save. Install the new version. Enjoy.

- Achilles,The Greek Hero, as a potential Companion for Skyrim.
- He will be suited with custom stand alone handmade armor.
- He will brandish his custom unique and stand alone sword.
- As you can see on the pics, Brad Pitt's face has been implemented too, creating a more
"immersive" look.

Where do I find him?

- He will be waiting for you at Dragonsreach Hall.

Stats, abilities?

- He is a master sword warrior. He will be useful as a damage dealer or tank support.
He likes to wear his armor and sword, but he'll be lethal with almost any armor or weapon.

- Beeing found at level 15, Achilles will raise in level as you do. So he will be useful till the "end game" stages.

*He is marriagable too.

This is completely stand-alone so there are no requirements.

By now, there are no issues found. Please report if you find some!
This mod should be compatible with any other mods. UFO and/or Amazing Follower Tweaks
are totally recommended.

-To install, just use NMM.
If you do it manually, extract content to data folder !

-To unninstall: Use NMM, and remember to remove Achilles from your followers first !
Otherwise, remove all the files manually.

- Bethesda for making the best game ever.
- Nexus Site for having such a strong build community.
- Geonox for his useful High Res Face Maps for Men.
- Nightasy for his "Creating Custom Armors Step by Step" guide.
- Omega99jp for his Lovely Jessica tutorial.

- Achilles Helmet
- Achilles Shield
- Achilles Playable full set, including armor,shield,sword, and helmet.