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-Old Oak Den-

The Old Oak Den is a subterranean player home with all the crafting/cooking/alchemy facilities etc. It's mostly designed for just The Dovahkiin and perhaps their spouse but there are a few beds peppered about the place for followers. There are al ot of custom meshes (see below for citation). The Home can be found just south of Lake Ilinalta across the road along the shore. To gain access to the den look for the near by wolf lair and loot the backpack for a "Tree Door Key."

There are no required mods but if you have either of my Hotspring Hideout homes this might conflict with them. The abode is ready for use but I might be making some minor changes as well as adding some sandbox idles for NPCs. I'm also working on a larger version that will support more followers and perhaps a faction to go with it. Feedback is always welcome please leave comments and suggestions. Hope you enjoy it!

-Change Log-

v2.0 Changelog
A-> Fixed the cause of the huge FPS drops, the performance should be a LOT smoother now
B-> Fixed a few navmesh issues
C-> You should no longer get stuck in the alchemy room door
D-> The ceiling light rays should now reflect the actual time outside (you will be able to see the sky outside)
E-> Changed the music to match the forest outside
F-> The knapsack now has a star icon (*) in it's name so that you know that it respawns (not a safe storage)
G-> Several other tweaks here and there

v1.0 Changelog
A- I removed a lot of light sources. I ran it through TESVEdit. Hopefully that takes care of the frame rate drops.


To get your followers/spouses to live in the hide out…
My Home Is Your Home
Spouses Can Live Everywhere

For female mannequins…
Female Mannequins


Modder’s Resource Pack
Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins
OpenBooks Resource
FoodContainer Resource
Soap Resource
Alchemy Clutter