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Added: 09/02/2013 - 10:06PM
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Last updated at 10:38, 19 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 22:06, 9 Feb 2013

Remember to clean out your stashes before updating to prevent loss of valuables. Especially mannequins have been deleted several times and placed back.

When mining, your character might float in air, but in CK the triggers are as low as I can safely place them, so I can't do much for it :( I´ve seen that the mannequins appear somewhere else than they're supposed to and not always go to their places. This is a known error in the game and the solution for this is simple. Go outside and back in. Mannequins are stationary NPCs and the script that tells them to stay in place gets loaded last.

A large cave home almost at the top of High Hrothgar.
Several weapon racks and mannequins. Now bookshelves and shield racks behind them.
Complete workstation.
Safe and showcasings.
Double bed for you and several singles for anyone else.

Lights, bookcases and shield racks added in 1.2.
Fast travel and shield racks fixed in 1.4. Also woodchopping station was added.
Version 1.5 is the last of the Main Cave updates.
Version 2.0 adds a female merchant in the cave, a garden with ingredients for Restore Health potions and a tunnel system for ore veins. All of these should respawn normally.
2.2 should fix the mannequins and lights have been added to the mine section of the cave.
2.4 Finally fixed the mannequins. It was as simple as changing cells encounter zone to NoRespawn... It´s always the little things that mess up the game :D Also deleted the navmesh between the main cave and mine section since the NPCs decided to mine in the most narrowest of corridors, thus preventing the player to go deeper or come out...

VictorOstlund was nice enough to review this, but he had the old version installed at the time.

If you have suggestion on what to add or what's missing, do let me know. In the mean time, have fun in your Cave Home. :)

Works well for me with "Spouses Can Live Everywhere by Amgepo and Emma"