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Allows to Fast Travel in Real-time while mounted on a Dragon, also adds a spell to call a Dragon to fast travel with from anywhere.

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Update V3.4:

Alduin MCM choice should be fixed now, as well as the slow Dragonspeed (need confirmation on that)

Update V3.3:

Changed Alduin's Race to a custom race duplicate to allow combat on Alduin.

Update V3.2:

Fixed some Major bugs from v3.1 in which your Dragon could not be summoned again after:

-Switching the model in the MCM.
-By waiting to long before mounting the Dragon, after it has been summoned, it will get disabled, this was done because the Package sets the dragon to fly away if you do not mount it in time, this function though had a bug in which the dragon only got disabled (faded out) but not released from its alias, this has been fixed now.

Added Miraaks Black Dragon to the MCM List.
Changed "Shadow of Dalfur" location.
Made the dragons you summon stronger (all are on lvl 81 now)


"Shadow of Dalfur" will now be at Fort Frostmoth, you will find a epitaph in the middle of the fort the epitaph will be faded out and then deleted from the game once it was activated, so it will not stick there forever, once you activate it, hell breaks loose so be prepared, also i made the summons considerably stronger, so they do not die in one or two hits anymore.

New Dragon: Added Sahrotaars dragon model to the selection list.

Watch the new video here once it is uploaded, the video is for showcase only, i modded my stats to beat this dragon fast, the real dragon is much stronger, especially on Master:

Update V3.1:

If you still have v3.1 unisntall it by typing into the console "StopQuest DLCZSetOnInitIniSettings", after that you can and may upgrade to v3.2!

Update V3.0:

- Odahviing Shout 1 will now bend Odahviing to your will.
- Added "Shadow of Dalfur", Dragon to Horker island.
- Added a MCM Menu to configure this mod.


The new Version 3 adds a new Dragon to Horker Island in Solstheim, this Dragon is incredibly Hard to kill, if you are not prepared it may one hit kill you (Tested with 90% Frost and Fire Resistance and 900 HP takes 4-5 Attacks to kill you - Master Difficulty). The Dragon will use Fire and Frost Shouts, after you defeat the Dragon you will get a new Summon Spell to Call Dalfur in his true form.

The True Form can be set up inside the MCM Menu, for this you need the latest SkyUI version with MCM Support and SKSE, the default form is Alduin.

There are Three forms for the moment: Odahviing, Alduin, Paarthurnax. No Vanilla Dragons are edited, so it should not conflict with any Dragon Mods, in fact the Dragons can be Replaced, i.e with the Thanatos Dragon made by ZeroFrost, this will turn the Odahviing version into the Thantos Model.

Furthermore you can now enable and Disable the Fast travel Feature inside a MCM and set up several values.

To Access the MCM you need to go to Journal -> System -> Mod Configuration Menu -> Real-time DFT

This mod allows you to actually select a Fast Travel location while on Dragonmount and then see how you fly there in real-time, while vanilla Dragonborn transits you instantly to the new location this mod makes it so that you will see your dragon taking you to the Map Marker you want to go.

Before i write more that no one reads anyway, here are a few videos featuring the mod:

Patch v 1.8
Skyrim (-_-)

How to use:
Once you tamed a dragon, choose a location from the map and the dragon will take you there in real time.