Project Real Summer to Skyrim Dawn and Dusk Edition Days by DjDarthyGamer Laboratory of Arts by ENBDEV is the Autor of the Mod - This is a Tribute and Optimized Mod by DjDarthy
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Added: 09/02/2013 - 12:48PM
Updated: 01/06/2016 - 04:46PM

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Last updated at 16:46, 1 Jun 2016 Uploaded at 12:48, 9 Feb 2013

Please Look First "sorry for my very Bad English":
I released the Preset mod Enb are only created presets to optimize using my knowledge of the other lights and shadows in the real world and then optimized for ENB mod enb released by ENB DEV and self original ENB ENB SERIES gives me after written request email use and modification of ENB SERIES only for the purpose of helping and creating presets and all rights of the original mod without any preset or modification remains in ENB DEV
Install and Use info:
Unzip all files withous Dir and insert to Skyrim EXE Dir, if Windows ask to overwrite look for clean all old files, if is my file mod preset overwrite only is sure :)
"if have found a bug of my mods or like ask a question or say a comment: and find DjDarthy"

"This if have found a bug of my mods or like ask a question or say a comment: and find DjDarthy or for Enb Engine Mod problems "

All My Mods User Rules is only 1:
After Download and Using my Mod, my: "DjDarthy" not responsible of your System/Game/Other problems
All Mods is Safe Virus and Various Malware Scanner Control Before Zip or Rar for Up

For Help Works do not Ask for Donation, only Help is Accepted from Modders or Bugs, Comments or Request

Thanks Both for Support Both