Exposed Armors - Dwarven Cuirass by Av1dPup1l
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Added: 09/02/2013 - 04:37AM
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Last updated at 4:31, 9 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 4:37, 9 Feb 2013

Exposed Dwarven Cuirass

Continuing the Exposed Armors style of flaunt it, tease it, not hide it... you will find the usual goodness with a modified dwarven armor set that retains the majority metal without that silly skirt making everything sweat inside........ well, you can see everything sweat now if you want ;)

<><> Craftable under the 'Dwarven' category <><>

Both FS & Sundracon versions are included in the single file; the Sundracon version as usual has a 'S' denoted at the end of the name.

NOTE: Be sure to verify the data files from your Skyrim Launcher & doublecheck that the mod is loaded. This is a stand-alone mod and will not replace the vanilla file. I advise setting the load order of my mods up with other armor mods, or at least not the very last ones on the list.

**This mod is integrated with the Favored Soul and Sundracon bodies, if you have a different body installed the mesh will likely force your body into the mod's mold, among any other potential issues.

Feel free to use for other projects &/or improve upon this mesh.

Chris57, Sundracon & Favored Soul's male body meshes

Male char in screenshot is a variant of Urshi's companion mod Hot Male Housecarls

Hair is from ApachiiSkyHair (also included in the Hot Male Housecarls mod)