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Adds a dunmer merchant who happens to be selling some of what may be the last Telvanni Bug Musk, along with some other Morrowind classics. He is located near Tel Mithryn - see the screenshot for a better idea of where he resides (he is where the blue player marker is in my screenshot).

Telvanni Bug Musk allows you to haggle for 35% better prices and increases speechcraft by 20 for a duration of 90 seconds. It also comes in a pretty bottle.

v1.1 adds Vintage Flin, Vintage Greef, and Vintage Matze. See pictures for attributes of each potion (note: the drain magicka effect on Matze lasts for 90 seconds even though it doesn't state such in the potion's description).

*Requires Dragonborn*


May be incompatible with mods that modify the same area where the merchant's camp is.


10/22/2013 - 1.2 - Lowered the price of the new potions
2/15/2013 - v1.1.3 - Telvanni Bug Musk now also increases your speechcraft by 20 for a duration of 90 seconds.
2/10/2013 - v1.1.2 - Slightly renamed the potions.
2/10/2013 - v1.1.1 - Reduced the damage magicka effect on Vintage Matze.
2/10/2013 - v1.1 - Added Vintage Flin, Vintage Greef, and Vintage Matze potions to Thadas's inventory. I've also added a bit more clutter.
2/7/2013 - Initial Release

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