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A complete repaint of the Elven armor and weapons. Pallate is black with saturated red accents. *** There is now a video of what it looks like in game ***

Permissions and credits
*** 6 / 21 / 12 UPDATE ***
This retexture is included in zaph72's craftable version used with permission as "Royal Elven Armor" - Many of you have been asking for a craftable version and here it is! Great work Zaph!


If you like it, please endorse it! : )

This mod is a texture repaint of all of the elven armor and weapons.
I liked the green they used, but it felt too cheery for all the evil elves out there (including mine!)

What's Changed:
The colors used are a "dark steel" (desaturated, black and burned highlights), white and red. There are some symbols on the scabbard (for the dagger & 1h sword), on the blade of the sword and on the belly of the armor. I love how this armor is adorned with feathers, so I tried to go with a red feather theme which I think looks pretty cool.

I think this scheme does a good job of picking up the ambient light in the environment and making your character look a little more bold and iconic. The individual pieces also match nicely with steel, ebony and daedric armor types.

**Using this texture repaint will change every character using elven armor or equipment in your game.**

Guilded Elven Armor
Elven Armor
1h Sword
2h Sword
1h Axe
2h Axe

Good for male and female characters.

I found the symbols I used as detail overlays from google image search, their copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Tree image (on the shield and belly) is inspired by a design created by "Adoomer"

The vector used on the 1h sword was used by following the tutorial found here:

I created this armor recolor to teach myself how to do it, I don't plan on supporting this mod. Sorry!

To Install:
1. Copy the "textures" folder to the Data folder in your skyrim directory.
STEAM USERS: ...\STEAM\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data
This could also be under your username, depending on the install path you selected.
2. Launch Skyrim, and enjoy!

NOTE: All of the characters using the elven armor and weapons will show the new textures.

Uninstall (without uninstalling your other mods):
1. Close Skyrim
2. Navigate to ..\STEAM\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\textures\armor\
3. Delete the "elven" folder