New Scarves of Skyrim by jacknifelee
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Added: 08/02/2013 - 02:43AM
Updated: 23/12/2013 - 08:36AM

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Last updated at 8:36, 23 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 2:43, 8 Feb 2013

- New textures and appropriate normal maps
- Fixed texture paths for Hjaalmarch and Dawnstar scarves
- All scarves are now enchantable!
Short ones have Necklace enchantments available
Long scarves have Body enchantments available

Finer new textures for Natterforme's Scarves of Skyrim.
The original mod contains two scarves collections - Scarves! by KrimsynKane and some from Tona's Mod Store.
This retexture mod includes only Scarves! by KrimsynKane.

The original mod on Nexus is here:
Original meshes, esp and readme included in the archive.

The only way to currently obtain the scarves is to gather the necessary crafting materials and craft the scarf at a crafting forge. Any forge will do. The scarves can be found under the Misc Section in the Crafting Forge.

- Natterforme for porting scarves in Skyrim and allowing me to publish my retexture
- The creators of the original mods: KrimsynKane, Tona, Kikaimegami, Lady N - for their great work
- Bethesda for creating TES games
- Adobe for creating Photoshop
- All of you for your attention :)