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Because not having proper descriptions confuses you and your character. Adds better descriptions to the diseases in the vanilla game, along with the official DLCs. Compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases.

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This Mod is Now and Forever Free.

-- Description --
Normally, in Skyrim, diseases are only described by their mechanical effects. However, I'd (and others as well) would like to know *what* the disease is doing to my character, which really isn't told by the game. If I were to do a LP of this game, I wouldn't know how I would have my character react to it, without looking up said disease on UESP or similar.

A modder known as Funsize_360 has made a mod that adds descriptions to the diseases in the vanilla game, using Morrowind descriptions when available, however, that mod does remove the mechanical description of the diseases. For me, that's still a problem, because I'd like to see the mechanical effects as well, so I know how to react when playing.

As a result, I created this mod as a continuation of Funsize's mod. What this mods does is add descriptions to the diseases in the vanilla game and the official DLCs, when available, and when I can get my hands on them. These descriptions retain information about the mechanical effects of the diseases, but also have a fluff description. This is really beneficial if you want to be really immersed into the game (or you are LPing it), as you would know how to react to whatever diseases you get.

-- Installation --
Install with your mod manager. This mod contains a installer for both NMM and Bash, so just follow the installer.

However, if for some specific reason you can't use a mod manager (maybe you are allergic to them), just copy either main file to your Skyrim data folder(usually under <Steam Folder>/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data), and depending on which DLCs you have, copy the appropriate plugins to the folder as well.

In the load order, Disease Descriptions and its plugins should go late in the order. Or, just use LOOT to sort the mod.

-- Uninstallation --
Simple. Just deactivate the mod. Or if you don't have a mod manager, remove Disease Descriptions*.esp, and the DLC plugins (which should begin with DD_) from the Skyrim data folder.

-- Compatibility --
  • Compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases (just use the right version).
  • Incompatibile with anything that modifies the vanilla/DLC diseases in any way.
  • Users should be aware, though not a requirement, the fixes from the Unofficial Patch have been carried forward into the mod.

-- Credits --
Funsize_360 - for creating the original Disease Descriptions, and for allowing improvements to his mod.
rootsrat/Elenear - for bringing up the original mod to me on the STEP forums, leading to me to make this one.
perseid9 - for creating Realistic Needs and Diseases, one of the best needs mods for Skyrim.
ElminsterAU, Sharlikran, and Zilav for creating and maintaining TES5Edit, a really well developed mod editor that everyone into modding Skyrim should use. Go check it out!
The entire STEP team, for being awesome, and crafting a very detailed noob-friendly guide to enhancing Skyrim. Go check it out!

And finally, Bethesda Softworks for creating such a modular and quality game, as well as providing the Creation Kit and for providing the basis of most of the disease descriptions. Thank you all!

-- Now, for a few samples of the disease descriptions: --

Bone Break Fever: Bone Break Fever is a mild common disease affecting the victim's strength and coordination. Symptoms include high body temperature and chronic weariness. As a result, your Stamina is reduced by 25 points while affected by the disease.

Ataxia: Ataxia is a mild common disease affecting the victim's coordination. Symptoms include generalized pain and muscle stiffness. As a result, picking locks and picking pockets is 25% harder while affected by the disease.

Rattles: Rattles is a mild common disease affecting a victim's willpower and dexterity. Symptoms include muscle spasms and listlessness. As a result, your Stamina recovers half as fast while affected by the disease.