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A new guild has opened up in Whiterun, The Order of Aetherius. Master trainers from all over Tamriel have come together and settled down in Whiterun, offering thier expertise and knowledge of magical arts, for a price of course. They have no affliation to the College of Winterhold, as it is open to everyone who has the coin and wants to learn.

What this mod adds:
*New Guild Order of Aetherius
*7 New Master Trainers/Merchants (Offers Training and Spells)
*1 New Fence (Buy/Sells Regular and Stolen Items)
*1 New Enchanter (Buys/Sells magical items)
*Player Home/Room (Purchase from Alchemy Trainer)
*Trainers now wonder the city from time to time, and have there own schedules

*The Order of Aetherius can be found in the walls of Whiterun behind house battle-born and to the left of Whiterun's Hall of the dead. Also adds a map marker and fast travel point for quick access.


Reported Not to be Compatible With:
Berts Breezehome Remodel
Open City's
Better City's

Load Order to Use:
*1)Trainers Guild for Aspiring Mages
*2)Trainers Guild for Aspiring Thieves
*3)Trainers Guild for Aspiring Warriors
*4)Load at bottom otherwise trainers may not give option to train

*Cleaned and Optimized with TES5Edit


*Player house/room can be bought from Scar-Tail the Alchemy Trainer. Price is dependent on your speechcraft. Once bought, you have to read the Deed for key to appear.

*Thanks to the artist of the Dark Sorcerer that I use for the cover of this mod.
*Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
*Thanks to Steamworkshop and the Skyrim Nexus.

*Easter eggs, special and unique items are scattered thoughout the mod. Some are easy and others are hard to find. Search around, you never know what you'll find.

Special Note:
*Some items in Oasis's room unattainable, this is so certain quest objects don't break the original quest, they are just used for clutter, if you pick them up you will not be able to find them in your inventory.

Note on Versions:
Dawnguard versions are the original, they have more content and all around better in my opinion. The Non-DLC versions were made for people that don't use Dawnguard. Changes vary between the two from minor to major changes. Use Dawnguard if you have Dawnguard, and use the Non-DLC version if you have no official DLC packs.


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*Dimonized UNP by Dimon99
*Enhanced Lights and FX by Anamorfus
*Female Face Retexture by Navetsea
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