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Ever wanted the unarmed prowess of a Khajiit? The Beserker strength of an Orc? The unparalleled magicka regeneration of a High Elf? Then try out the Transformative Spells Mod!

Steam Subscribers: 1,585

This mod adds a shapeshift spell for every race. They are available from Tolfdir at the College of Winterhold. Shapeshifting is permanent until another Shapeshift spell is cast (So be sure to collect enough gold for your own race book). Skills are not reset by transforming, but player gains abilities of that race.

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Shapeshift: Argonian
Shapeshift: High Elf
Shapeshift: Dark Elf
Shapeshift: Wood Elf
Shapeshift: Orc
Shapeshift: Khajiit
Shapeshift: Nord
Shapeshift: Imperial
Shapeshift: Breton
Shapeshift: Redguard

version 0.5.7: Shapeshifting into a Nord will no longer give you vampiric abilities (2/6/2013, 3:56pm)

version 0.5.6: Added Shapeshift: Imperial to Tolfdir (2/6/2013, 3:50pm)

version 0.5.5: Fixed bug where players would have vampiric abilities without any negative effects from using a shapeshift spell, players no longer have any connection to being a vampire. (1/2/2013, 4:30pm)

Version 0.5: Initial release (1/2/2013, 2:00pm)

Known issues
- Custom races are not supported at the moment, I will try to create a Shapeshift: Revert Spell.

- Some compatibility issues with better vampire mod

- Under Active Effects, the shapeshift spell will not go away, even when casting another shapeshift spell, creating a large list of active effects

- [Minor] Argonian players specifically will have some face distortion when shapeshifting, some players reporting "vampire eyes" with every race

- [Minor] Vampire Lords will revert back to their original race, even if they switched to vampire lord from a shape shifted race

(As you discover them, comment them below)

Needs to be tested:

- This mod with other vampire mods

Future development includes
(If you have a preference for these, please comment below, I will read them and be swayed by the community)

Ok, I have made a tentative order for how I want to implement these based on community comments, I have also added more detail.


Version 0.6 (BETA)
- All polymorph other: races will be in the game. (These will be non-hostile spells, so have fun)
- Polymorph other: Animals
- Shapeshift potions and poisons for the less magically inclined
- Shapeshift: Revert (Will be free)
- Add more pictures and a few videos

Version 0.7 (BETA)
- Quest Dungeon involving Tolfdir's past. Spells that will be added with this quest:
> Shapeshift: Child (Will remove bounties for 30 seconds while you are in child form)
> Shapeshift: Skeever
> Shapeshift: Sabre cat
> Shapeshift: Hawk
> Shapeshift: Falmer
> Shapeshift: Wolf
- Unmovable book on a dresser at the college (Like the ones that you forge numbers) that will open the race menu so players may alter their appearance
- May add a Falmer follower, we'll see ;)

Version 0.8 - 0.9 (BETA)
- I'm guessing lots of bug fixing!

Version 1.0
- No more beta :D
- Possession Spell: Will require Azura's star to cast. Lasts 30 seconds. If undetected while cast, the player will be friendly to faction of possessed victim. Still deciding how skills should work, please post your opinion!

Post 1.0:
- Soul Switch Spell
- Gender Bender spell (Might develop this one earlier, depends on the difficulty)

(Feel free to comment your own ideas in the comments too! No promises, but you may spark my interest :D!)