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Painkiller's Axe of Hrothmund


Not much to say here... It's a small mod I made for myself, seeing how the best axe in the Dragonborn DLC couldn't be actually used - I dug into CK and found out that the axe was a Static object (probably because of Havok not allowing a weapon object interacting nicely with another Static - the rock that the axe is embedded in).

Long story short, I added it as a weapon, tried even to place it in the same place (to see if I could replace the Static one completely for more immersion - that didn't work, because of the reason stated above: Havok), so now you will find the weapon either in its place, or probably on the floor (I didn't delete the Static, so please don't complain about that - you can Disable it safely via console, if you don't like it).

The weapon's stats are close to Stalhrim and I left it un-enchanted, for the sake of customization. Also, I moved it a little on the Y axis, to have it better aligned when blocking (it also seemed a bit too short), hence the presence of the mesh. Yeah, I also made it one notch faster, as it is the weapon of a Nord Hero, after all, so ENJOY!

The axe is found during one of the quest branches you get at the Thirsk mead hall (if you chose to side with the Nords - "Retaking Thirsk"). Originally, what you find there is an axe embedded in stone, which cannot be removed - this mod adds in the axe as a Weapon, nothing else.

Just drop the content of the archive in your Data folder and enable Painkiller's_Hrothmund's_Axe.esp

Just delete the Esp and the one mesh (Data\Meshes\dlc02\weapons\HrothmundsAxe\hrothmundsaxe.nif). No scripts running, nothing edited, mod super-clean, remove with cold water and you're good. :)

Hrothmunds Axe - Painkiller version: the Axe will now stay embedded in the rock until picked (Havok has been dealt with thanks to Chrisbburn's idea).

Hrothmunds Axe - SparrowPrince version - the Axe can be picked safely as if harvested from a flora recipient. Optic's Magic!
Hrothmunds Axe - Painkiller version - the Axe can be picked safely from the rock where it *should* stay embedded (Havok disabled). May be found embedded in the rock, or just laying next to it (due to Havok engine issues). I also cleaned the 2 residual static meshes (1 was the visible axe in stone, but there was another placed deep under the stone, with absolutely no function).

OPTIONAL Re-texture by FrankFamily: Ultra HD Hrothmunds Axe

Myself - for loving this game and sharing with you my stuff :-)
OpticShooter aka SparrowPrince - for his brilliant solution
Chrisbburn - for taming Havok solution
Thomsom aka Leedsfuzz - for support and creative ideas
Bethesda for everything else