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A clean and legible version of the Dark Brotherhood Tenets sign.

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When I started the Dark Brotherhood quest line for the first time, I spotted the tenets sign on the wall and strolled over to take a look. I was very disappointed to see that the tenets were completely illegible.

Even after restoring the Dark Brotherhood, the tenets remained grungy and unreadable. This simply did not sit well with me, so here is my first Skyrim Mod, just to fix the 'issue'.

-=- New in Version 1.3 -=-

All of the textures have been re-mastered from my original source files. They are now optimized and have brand new normal maps. I have created three versions of the mod - Standard, Performance and Extreme. The Standard and Performance version each include two resolutions and utilize a simple installer for use with your favorite FOMOD-compatible mod manager.

The standard 1024x1024 resolution version is also available from the Steam Workshop.

-=- Editions -=-

The Performance Edition contains the 512x512 texture, which is still quite readable, but has a greatly reduced impact on VRAM usage and FPS.

Both the Performance and Standard Editions contain the 'standard-resolution' 1024x1024 texture. This texture is the same size as the Vanilla Skyrim texture, and is slightly more legible than the low resolution version. (but significantly more so than the Vanilla texture).
The 1024x1024 texture is the recommended version for Baseline STEP.

The Standard Edition includes the enhanced-resolution 2048x2048 texture which has now been optimized, with a smaller, optimized normal map to reduce FPS impact.

The Extreme Edition includes only the 4096x4096 version of the texture, also fully optimized and including a smaller, optimized normal map.

-=- Installation -=-

For simplicity, I recommend downloading and installing this with a mod manager. As an alternative, you can download it manually and extract the files into your Skyrim data folder.

The files that contain multiple versions have named folders representing the size of textures within. Simply copy the appropriate .DDS files into your "...\Skyrim\Data\Textures\Clutter\" folder.

-=- Un-installation -=-

Uninstall the mod using your chosen mod manager or, if you installed the mod manually, simply remove the two files from your Skyrim data folder.

... Skyrim\Data\Textures\Clutter\
... Skyrim\Data\Textures\Clutter\

-=- Compatibility -=-

This should not conflict with any other mod except those that replace the Dark Brotherhood sign. (Such as New Tenets by RbtRvltin)

-=- Credits -=-

The background paper texture is a modified version of the "Aged Paper Texture" created by "firesign24-7" which can be found at DeviantArt

A special thank you goes out to the STEP team for their fantastic noob-friendly guide to enhancing the Skyrim gaming experience. Thanks for including my humble mod!

Of course, I have to thank Bethesda for creating yet another fantastic game - great job guys!