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A player home in Raven Rock

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So upon reaching Solstheim, I, like you, went crazy, getting new items, and resources for crafting. Only to realized that , given I don't use fast travel, I am gonna need to keep hauling my loot back and forth between there and Skyrim. This inspired me to throw together a player home to use while in Solstheim. Forget the fact that you get a home already in a brief quest (which looks more like a tomb inside), we all know you want to head strait to Telvanni or other areas you remember from Morrowind.

This house has;
4 Bookshelves
3 Mannequins
2 Five weapon racks
5 Weapon Plaques
1 Shield and Weapon Plaque
Enchanting Table
Alchemy Table
Tanning rack
Staff station
Cooking pot
Lots of storage
And plenty of clutter

Now I'm only gonna say this once, I just threw this together in about 4 hours (while all you are playing) so please bear with any small bugs that may pop up. However I will say all storeage should be safe, and both the new smithing forge and the staff crafting station are included.

I do plan to update this mod, however as soon as it's uploaded, I'm going back to spending time in the new DLC, and no matter how much anyone begs for updates, their gonna have to wait. I'm not going to let modding get in the way of my enjoying the game.

Well enough of all that! Look at the screens, decide if ya wanna try it, if so, download, and enjoy!

-UPDATE 1.1-
Spread Lighting around to make things a tad brighter.
Added two strongboxes upstairs.
Added basement library with plenty of bookshelves.
Added more clutter as I felt inclined to add.
Added potion shelf near alchemy area.

Blary for all his AWESOME meshes he uploads for modders!