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Adds a quest that will allow you to teach the way of the Thu\'um to one of your followers.

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[size=7]Dovahkiin and The Apprentice of Thu'um[/size]

This mod adds a new quest that will allow you to teach the Thu'um to one and only one of your followers.
What it currently features:

  • A quest to find an Ancient amulet allowing you to teach the Thu'um to one of your follower
  • Dynamic bosses and dungeons: the enemies and bosses won't be the same if you make a new game!
  • A scripted final boss; which is also dynamic
  • A scripted badass cutscene
  • High-level difficulty (enemies are level 60-80 with perks) - in version 5.0 and higher, they are leveled.
  • Trying to be kind of lore friendly
  • Compatible with any follower, even from mods
  • Intelligent use of shouts: your follower will use a frost shout against a fire atronach for example
  • Entirely scripted with no edited vanilla record - 99.99% compatible with anything


  • Skyrim patch 1.8
  • Update.esm

This quest was made with Dragonborn DLC in mind but does not require it.
To begin the quest, you must be able to shout. You will get a letter from the courier. Once you read it, the quest will begin.
When you finally get to the point when you will be able to teach the Thu'um to your follower, you'll have to think twice. It's only possible to do it once, and only on an humanoïd NPC.
Your follower will use his/her shouts intelligently: frost breath on a fire atronach, etc.
Once you unlock a shout, he/she will use it.
Available shouts:

  • Disarm shout
  • Dismay Shout
  • Dragonrend Shout
  • Elemental Fury Shout
  • Ethereal Shout
  • Fire Breath Shout
  • Frost Breath Shout
  • Ice Form Shout
  • Kyne Peace Shout
  • Storm Call Shout
  • Unrelenting Force Shout
  • Whirlwind Sprint Shout - in version 2.0
  • Marked for Death Shout - in version 2.0
  • Animal Allegiance- in version 3.0

    Dawnguard Edition:
  • Drain Vitality Shout
  • Soul Tear Shout

    Dragonborn Edition:
  • Battle Fury Shout
  • Bend Will Shout
  • Cyclone Shout
  • Dragon Aspect Shout (under severe restrictions like player level, enemy's level etc)