About this mod

Trying to improve quality and looks of the textures and meshes for Daedric armor and weapon. (4096/2048)

Permissions and credits
I simply don't like how it ugly looks by default. And now, i believe, we have something worthwhile...

This mod not meant to work with mod manager yet. Only for manual installation.

Royal Daedric 2.5.6:
Textures and meshes meant to replace vanilla armor and weapon.

Meshes for armor supporting changing weight of the body in character creation menu (male and female).
Meshes slightly tweaked: on male/female cuirass, deleted hooks.
New textures. no_glow set contains a bit modified textures for armor and helmet (black plate on horns). Check screenshots.

Copy in your game folder.
Overwrite, if asked.

Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


Royal Daedric Standalone 2.7a:
Contains all 3 sets of the armor and weapons (blood_glow, default_glow and without glow).
Also contain Male/Female lite cuirass, gloves and boots.
Also contain 2 helmets Royal Daedric Plate and Royal Daedric Horned. Made on the basis of Dragonbone / Yngol helmets. Check screenshots.
Can be forged on the skyforge only.

If you already have installed non standalone version, please uninstall it (unless you wanna have both version).
Uninstall older standalone version if you have any.
Copy in your game folder.
Activate "RoyalDaedric.esp" through skyrim_launcher -> data files (or any other way).

deactivate "RoyalDaedric.esp"
Delete the files associated with the mod.


Daedra Huntress Armor (Female only):
New set of armor (cuirass/gloves/boots) same style. Fully reworked meshes and textures. Light armor class. Check screenshots.
Can be forged on any forge but only at night (just like in CCO). 

Copy in your game folder.
Activate "DaedraHuntress.esp" through skyrim_launcher -> data files (or any other way).

deactivate "DaedraHuntress.esp"
Delete the files associated with the mod.

Swords that i use in some of screenshots is from Dread Knight Weapon Set by jojjo
and Liliths Harbinger by wiikki