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This mod improves the "hoovestep" sounds of the horses by adding "sound sets" for different surfaces.

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Improved Horse Step Sounds v2 © 2015 Crystan

Special Edition Edition:

-> Nexus exclusive mod <-
-> If the mod have been uploaded elsewhere, it happened without my permission. <-
-> I'll never allow my mod to be uploaded elsewhere. If you see it somewhere else, please contact me. <-

Check the credits and distribution permission page for corresponding informations.
Under absolutely no circumstances you're allowed to include my mod in a modpack.

Since I've got various PM's: Theres really no way to convince me to get my
permission to upload any of my mods to another site, sorry. All of my
Skyrim mods are Nexus exclusive.

Version 2 has been released


- fixed randomly missing step sounds

- slightly changed sounds
- added subtile "saddle/foley" sounds

This mod improves the "hoovestep" sounds of horses by adding "sound sets" for different grounds. That means all horses will have different step sounds for surfaces like snow, dirt, stone etc.

As usual, every sound is completely self made (recorded and edited).


Currently there are six sound sets supported:


Should be compatible with every horse mod.

How to change the volume of the horse step sounds:

Load up the IHSS.esp in the creation kit

Select Audio->Sound Descriptor and enter horse in the Filter text box.
Now you can edit (double click) every entry shown in the screenshot. (ignore the grey marked entries)

Now you can modify the static attenuation which changes the volume, you can preview your
changes immediately with the play button above the soundfile name box.

When you're done, save and start skyrim.

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