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Created by Falloutperson416, graphics made by MRCartm0n, voice acting done by nzz074797

After getting a new computer and getting all the new programs installed, etc, I've finished this reborn version of Skyrim Barbers (I released the same mod months ago but it was buggy) The difference here is it actually works, and the NPC is completely voiced and lip synced.

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Skyrim Barbers adds a new, fully lip Synced, and fully developed barber to the world of Skyrim. He can be found in the new building in Whiterun (See images for location) Skyrim didn't come with any way of changing your appearance after the start of the game, and the console doesn't cut it. Thus, Skyrim Barbers was born.

Version 1.0 used the Papyrus code "ShowRaceMenu", which contains all of everything you can change about yourself, including your gender and name. Version 1.2 uses the much better script "ShowLimitedRaceMenu", which removes the name, race, and sex change abilities. The Barber of Whiterun now functions alot like the Face Sculptor added by Dawnguard, but a little less creepy in my opinion.

As you know, you have to have Dawnguard to get the Face Sculptor, so I'm really glad to be able to create the same functions with a mod that only uses the base game. I hope you find it useful! If you encounter any bugs, please let me know in the comments.

Attention: I got a comment saying that if you're a vampire, the barber won't help you out. Now while this is technically speaking a bug, I'm not going to fix it, because Dawnguard's Face Sculptor doesn't work with Vampires either. So, this is in a way boosting the lore friendliness of the mod.

Current Version: V1.2 Status: Completed

2nd Version
- New barber in Whiterun
- Bugs fixes from old mod
- Improved coding [No longer can you change gender, race, or name]

Manual Installation

To manually install, simply drag the contents of the 7zip folder into Skyrim's Data folder. If you already have an existing sound/script folder, merge the one in this mod with yours.
Activate the .esp and play!

Automatic Installation

To automatically install, download the NMM file, and install using NMM.

Big thanks to MRCartm0n for his work with the graphics on the page.

Big thanks to nzz074797 for his voice acting.

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