About this mod

A humble player home for the thief in all of us! Includes various amenities, forest-themed underground archery range, an upstairs area complete with new followers and bar, a fence, two returning Morrowind characters, an unmarked quest, a collection room, thief-themed organizational storage, immersive lighting, loot room, Shrine of Nocturnal, and mo

Permissions and credits
V1.4 is another big update. Completely overhauled the lighting, added various storage and clutter to make the hideout more atmospheric, perfected the NavMesh, add various lighting to spruce up the place, and added another note on the background on one of thieves. About the note: the note is an introduction to a quest mod I have been brainstorming. I'm looking for someone really experienced with quest mods and scripts to collaborate with. Please message me if interested!

V1.3 Adds A LOT of new features. Check the changelog and features index. Also, SEE SCREENSHOTS

V1.2 revamps the lighting and atmosphere for more immersion. Added a whole new collection room to the basement filled with mannequins and additional storage. Added a few tweaks to the archery range.

V1.1 adds a bit of lighting to the main room and a whole new basement area complete with forest-themed archery range!

NOTE: Now follower friendly! If you have trouble, simply load and reload the save or fast travel to THITW
OTHER NOTE: As long as you guys keep commenting, I will add new features. Just tell me what you guys want to see and this mod will grow.
OTHER NOTE #2: If you like the mod, endorse it! Or drop a comment and review it! It's the only way I'll know if you guys like the hideout!

UPDATE: After a lengthy hiatus, I am back and hard at work on all of my mods. Updates will be coming shortly for all four of my releases. Thank you for your continued support and patience!

Are Vanilla Skyrim homes not befitting of your thief character? Then I present to you The Hole In The Wall- an immersive, lore-friendly,and robust underground thief-themed hideout.


-Immersive lighting
-Unmarked quest to find out some background info on your fellow thieves
-New followers
-Morrowind characters/references
-Fully- working Shrine of Nocturnal
-Loot Room
-Master Bedroom
-Collection Room
-Forest-themed archery range
-Upstairs bar area complete with NPCs and fence
-Practice Dummies
-Thief-themed organizational storage
-Escape route to Riften and the Flagon
-Safe player storage
-Unique Nightingale display stones
-Fully-working thief/shadow birthstones
-4 respawning containers with sneaky loot
-Thieves Guild décor
-Crafting area with all your crafting needs
-Mannequins/display cases
-And more!

This is my very first mod so any comments, suggestions, or requests are appreciated.

-Future Plans-

I will be expanding on the unmarked quest included in V1.3. Hint on how to find out the background info: check your corners and look around the upstairs area. You'll find two notes.


I have fully tested this mod with numerous others and have run into no known bugs or issues, but if you encounter one please let me know. The only conflict should be with any mod that add a door next to the Ratway. Also, any sort of mod messing with shrine blessings may conflict with the Nocturnal shrine.


Leaps Of Skyrim


Move Through Time


The Hole In The Wall- Thief Hideout


The Mage's Gorge


Dragonborn Hall


Hunter's Abode- The Lodge