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The He-Man Outfit

The He-Man Outfit, perfect for adventuring like an age old hero! That or you can just strap it onto your follower and order him to go lift that log that is in the way...and stuff.

There are three versions you can craft: Full, Half and Waist, as depicted in the screenshots. If the Sundracon version is loaded, armors will have an 'S' denoted at the end of their name.

<><> Can be found at the forge under 'Iron' <><>

NOTE: This is a mod based on the character He-Man just for fun; only the waist fur is borrowed from a vanilla model, all others are from scratch. Be sure to verify the data files from your Skyrim Launcher & doublecheck that the mod is loaded.

**This mod is integrated with the Favored Soul and Sundracon bodies, if you have a different body installed the mesh will likely force your body into the mod's mold, among any other potential issues.

Feel free to use for other projects &/or improve upon this mesh.

<><><> Revision History <><><>
FS 1.0 - Original texture set.
FS 1.1 - Updated textures for the chest, waist and arm pieces to create a more weathered/well-used look, and added a reflective effect as well. You are able to load the previous version (1.0) if you prefer the original textures, there are no mesh changes between them.
Sund 1.0 - Converted set to Sundracon Body

Chris57, Sundracon & Favored Soul's male body meshes

Male char in screenshot is a variant of Urshi's companion mod Hot Male Housecarls

Hair is from ApachiiSkyHair (also included in the Hot Male Housecarls mod)

Featured Body Texture for Favored Soul by Den987