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The lord of Treva's Watch, a battle mage in the war, has fallen on hard times. He has returned home and found that his family and fortress are held by his nemesis, Brurid. Enlisting the help of a wandering adventurer, he may retake his home.

Infiltrate the captured fortress and fight to return it to Stalleo...

Permissions and credits
Name: Treva's Watch Reclaimed
Version: 3.4
Date: 10/25/2016
Category: Dungeons and Locations
Author: Scythe & Zach
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The lord of Treva's Watch, a battle mage in the war, has fallen on hard times. He has returned home and found that his family and fortress are held captive by his nemesis, Brurid. Enlisting the help of a wandering adventurer, he may retake his home.

Infiltrate the captured fortress and fight to return it to Stalleo and behold as it becomes a breathing community once again.

Main features of this mod
1. Stalleo will now live in his fortress, his home. Let me say that Bethesda forgot this part. We fixed it for you. Stalleo has a full schedule including a visit to the top of the tower to look out into the horizon each morning.

2. Treva's Watch now has Unique Voice(s). Currently one unique voice.

3. Fort overhaul, new rooms, new crafting stations, a full range of new NPCs, all of the bandit clutter gets removed including the traps after you help Stalleo reclaim his fortress.

4. Stalleo rewards the player with an exclusive spell that Bethesda intended for the reward, but cut. We reimplimented it. It is balanced. Stalleo will use it if he gets into combat. You want this spell and cannot get it anywhere else. 

5. A General Goods Store. You will find the store in the lower tower room. The Redguard store keeper opens during the day.

6. Find the huntresses and go on 7 different hunts with them. One for everyday of the week. Each day they wake up and leave for their hunt at 8am. Follow them and watch them take down deer, foxes and rabbits. Each at a different location in the surrounding area. They are capable of chasing their pray for long distances if need be. 

6. The front gate and lever system has been overhauled. The lever is now animated and has an Orc gatekeeper. The gatekeeper will make his way to the lever to open or close the gate at 7am and 7pm. After clearing the fort, if the gate is not in the correct position (because of fast-travel) it will take the Orc gatekeeper up to 45 seconds to open or close it.

7. The soundtrack for the interior changes depending upon ownership change. A dungeon theme is replaced by a castle theme. (This gets its own point and number because it took me some time to figure out.)

See Details below for additional information.

Treva's Watch along the Treva River

ONCE the vanilla quest has been completed the fortress is updated. This truly is an overhaul of the Watch. The exterior doesn't magically update right before your eyes. This would be a shock to see stuff pop-in. You must leave the area and come back. Or go inside the fort and come back out again. The interior will be overhauled before you get inside after you complete the quest. Many parts of the interior have been totally and artfully redone. Entire rooms have been added. All the bandit traps and clutter gets removed. Many more tweaks. A more complete list is on its way. Further edits should be expected. More exciting updates are planned. 

I am working on ways to remove it from the 'random destination' for the miscellaneous quests. This shouldn't be seen as a major issue as the radiant quest system has a bias towards undiscovered locations. We haven't had any bug reports. The rewards chest has been left untouched so that it can still be used as a pick up for any quest requiring you to retrieve artifacts from the place or other radiant quests. 


Feedback is appreciated. Expect further development and support. 

Use the Nexus installer or

1. Extract the files to skyrimData
2. Start skyrim Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.
(3.) Also I use and recommend Loot. If you have any patches, bashed or skyproc then you must rerun them after installing this mod. Which is the case with most mods that add stuff like NPCs.

Uninstall the entire old version and replace with the new one. Or if you get the option to "upgrade" you can do that if using the NMM. It will handle everything for you. You may want to afterwards delete the old version. You should rerun any bashed patches or any Skyprocs like ASIS if you have those, just to make sure changes show up. It won't break anything if you don't and minor updates won't require it. Going from 2.9 or less to anything higher will. 

No known incompatibilities. Mods that edit Treva's Watch may conflict. There are very few. Cutting Room Floor adds the same spell that we do. The mods are fully compatible.

Known Issues or Bugs
Please report if you see any bugs. Especially the green ones. 

1.0 Initial Release
1.9 Reboot: Completely rebuilt mod, with many more features
2.0 Added the necessary scripts so that the location will properly update.
2.1 Further development
2.2 Stalleo AI fix
2.3 Continued bug fixing and development
2.5 A new exclusive spell reward, as well as numerous bug fixes.
2.7 Introduced the store more completely and fixed some bugs.
2.8 Some small immersion tweaks, also fixed quite a few bugs from 2.5 and 2.7
2.9 Navmesh fix and a female nord child, also bugfixes. 
3.0 Stalleo redone. New voice, new appearance, new inventory, and now he will use the new spell if in combat. Countless bugfixes. Much more.
3.1 Spring cleaning: Removed more ITMs and UDRs, fixed two deleted navmeshes that the creation kit didn't report but Tes5edit did. Various other bugfixes. 
3.2 Removal the last of the ITMs. Manual editing. Also fixed floating soul gems. 
3.3 The reported missing hallway/room has been fixed. Stalleo has 5 new misc dialogue lines plus two other minor bug fixes. 
3.3.1 fixed a missing requirement. 
3.4 The misc greetings are actually voiced now. A few faction settings have been fixed.

biulding3015 here on nexus, or Beths forums
Scythe on the DC forums
Also contact kcaz25 here on the Nexus via pm. I will be checking the comments section every day for the next several months as well.

I am happy to report that I have changed all of Stalleo's vanilla voice over to our new voice by Purgey
Purgey Voice Actors of Skyrim Forum

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
kcaz25 (Zach) for helping revitalize the mod and for numerous bug fixes.
Theirontoads for excellent bug reports.

Tools Used
Creation Kit
Readme Generator -

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. I would also like
to know what mods are including my work.