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Knapsack Backpacks


Version 1.5
  • Added missing vampire races to backpack appearances.

Version 1.4
  • Added recipes that can use 'deerhide02' as well as 'deerhide', to avoid confusion over which deer hide can be used.

Version 1.3
  • Added cloak adaption for SKSE, when equipping knapsack will detect cloak (from Cloaks of Skyrim, Winter is coming, Frost Fall or Wet and Cold) and adjust to position further out so it doesn't clip through the cloak as much.
  • Added SkyUI mod configuration menu to set the adaption method for players and NPC's separately.

Version 1.2
  • Added option versions for carry capacity 50 or 100 and a version where the capcity relfects the size of the backpack.
  • Added NMM install menu script.

Version 1.1
  • Added huge and thin backpack sizes.


This adds a collection of (20 in total) craftable backpacks. Each backpack increases carrying capacity by 75. The backpacks are craftable at the forge under the leather category and require leather, leather strips and deer hide.

There are 4 sizes to choose from and 5 different colours.
  • Thin Knapsack: a narrower backpack that is meant to go underneath bows and quivers (at least under the vanilla bow and quiver placement, results with modded player skeletons will vary considerably)
  • Medium and Large Knapsacks: best worn without bows/quivers.
  • Huge Knapsack: the largest size that should cover most bow and quiver placements and show through most cloaks, no guarantees on that though.

Each knapsack has male/female specific versions that scale with the weight slider.

Inspired by isoku's adaptive travel pack in Wet and Cold, SKSE users will have adaptive knapsacks which detect worn cloaks from Cloaks of Skyrim, Winter is Coming, Frost Fall and Wet and Cold (and any other cloaks that use slot 46 with keywords ArmorMaterialHide or ArmorMaterialLeather). Knapsacks will adjust their position to be further out when worn with cloaks so as not to clip through the cloak as much. This can be further customised with the SkyUI mod configuration menu with options to adapt, always display close or always display further out, for players and with a separate config for NPC's.

Optional files

There are now 3 optional versions:
  • Lore - Strict: a more lore strict version where each backpack's capacity reflects it's size. 50/75/100
  • Capacity 50: all backpacks increase capacity by 50
  • Capacity 100: all backpacks increase capacity by 100


  • Manual: drop the .esp and .bsa into skyrims data directory. Optionally choose an esp from the optional folder and replace the .esp. Make sure that the .bsa and .esp files have the same name. i.e. DrSKnapsacks.bsa and DrSKnapsacks.esp
  • NMM: Main file supports NMM, with install menu to choose options.


The backpacks use slot 47 and are compatible with Frostfall, Sabre Gear Backpacks and Wet and Cold.


A note on bows, quivers and cloaks: There are going to be clipping issues, no question, hopefully at least one of the backpack sizes will be 'good enough', but you should expect clipping problems with other back worn items.

The backpack mesh itself is a modified version of a container clutter object in the game, first seen as the torturers knapsack in Helgen keep. Resized, squashed and stretched and altered in blender the re-textured and turned into these wearable backpacks.

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