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I can't speak English well.

This is a conversion of "SERENITY (ARMOUR OF ETERNAL GLORY)" in Oblivion mode.
Original author is Hentai.

This Mod has Serenity Armor & Blade.

It support HDT's High Heel System (HHS).


My skyrim version is 1.8.151. I made a esp file with newest CK.
If your version is lower than 1.8, you have nothing in craft list, console(help command).
You must update new version.

The hair of my screenshot is limited distribute mode.
I will not answer questions about this.


It supports the weight slider.

Here are armor, glove, boots, helmet, other parts & blade(2H).

These are craftable & smithing at Daedric, DragonScale.
Other parts are craftable at jewelry.
Blade is craftable & smithing at Daedric.

It support HDT's Highheel System (HHS).
HHS is real Highheel system.
Boots are 4 kind.

[HDT's High Heel System (HHS)]

HDT have created a wonderful system, and would like to say thank you.

HHS is not essential for this mod.

HHS is the characters into the air moves vertically.
I was modeling the boots to fit the height.
There are three built-in height to fit 3 types of boots. (8, 11.8, 15)
Adjust the length and height of the boots are provided with regular boots.

HHS is still in an experimental system.
Yet the big problem is invisible with short test.
Appending a new source to skse_1_9_32.dll(SKSE 1.6.13) was compiled.


Skyrim 1.9.32 and SKSE 1.6.13 is required.
SKYUI 3.4 or later is required.


Current Version is alpha11 .

HDT's HHS(Chinese) - original :

My Mirror(English translate) :

[Install HSS]

1. install SKYUI 3.4 or later

2. install SKSE 1.6.13

3. update Skyrim to 1.9.32

4. Backup your skse_1_9_32.dll (in Skyrim folder)

5. install HHS (It replace your skse_1_9_32.dll)

6. check hdtHighHeel.esm


1. The desired height of the boots to wear.

2. Skyrim menu, by launching "MOD CONFIGURATION" selection.

3. Select "HDT High heel system".

4. Select height.

5. Exit menu. Then Increases the height.

6. If you want to reset the height, Select HHS's "Clear heeled effect".



It was created based on CBBE 3.2 default.
It is compatible CBBE3. (If you are CBBE3 user, you will use it without CBBE 3.2 body.)


You can use freely.


Hentai get all credit for all original resource (mesh, texture & design).
I convert only.

Special thanks to HDT.