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Duskbreaker is an "another Dawnbreaker".
The bloody blade doesn't only capture an enemy's soul,but also controls a dead body by thrashing him.
With this blade,you can change any mortals to your immortal slaves.

But these dark powers can be used only in a night.

Ver2.1 added Dark Aura to dominated enemy.

-How to get-
In Pinemoon cave,defeat the owner of Duskbreaker,"Night Ruler".
He has very strong magic power and this sword,you might have a hard fight.
Finally you win,you are a new night ruler.

In addition,you can make a two-handed Duskbreaker from one-handed ver at smithing forge.(needs Daedric Smithing perk)
And in contrast,one-handed from two-handed too.

-Chaos End-
Ver 3.0 added a new power to summon 2-handed sword "Chaos End".
Night Ruler has a spell tome,let's get and read it.
Ver3.1 added a new enemy "Night Servant" at the shrine of Meridia.
He has a spell tome too,and "Fake Duskbreaker".
It is just a fake,so no enchantment.
But because,you can add any enchantments to it.

In addition,you can make a black soul gem from these fakes,and "Mirage Arrow" from filled black soul gem and them in smelter.

This sword is made from light and dark powers,so you can summon it only when you have both of Dawnbreaker and Duskbreaker in inventory.
And killing enemy by this sword,it occurs big explosion like Dawnbreaker.
But different from Dawnbreaker,this explosion damages all types of enemy.
And killing enemy must occur the explosion,so many enemies around, you can occur?"Chain Explosion"!

Ver3.1 added some enchantments.
In a day,Chaos End has flame power and instant kill to undead enemies in 10%.
In a night,Chaos End has frost power and extra damage ignoring enemy's armor.

But of course,you can use this ultimate power for just one minute, only once in a day.
Just as a final weapon!

-And More-
Ver 2.0 added two-handed version,and the enchantment is more relational to Dawnbreaker.
One-handed : When you equip Dawnbreaker and Duskbreaker at same time,Duskbreaker gets some frost and fire power.
Two-handed : When you have Dawnbreaker in your inventory,Duskbreaker gets some frost and fire power.
These powers are from Dawnbreaker,so they work even in a day.

-Overpowered Edition-
Optional file is "Overpowered Edition".
In this version,the chest is added in the recess of Pinemoon cave.
There are the replicas of ChaosEnd and Duskbreaker in this,and they are able to be disenchanted.
So you can add the chaos and dark powers to other common weapons,even unbound day or night!
This is really "overpowered" version,so I add it as option.
When you use it, set the lord order under "Duskbreaker.esp".

-Japanese Description-



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