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Player home, Transport net, Flying Lift, Engine transformation

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Transformer Abode Vehicle

Player home:
- All for crafting and cooking
- Bed, library, cooking, alchemy, enchanting, crafting, display area
- Many containers
- 6 Mannequin
- 5 shield rack
- 6 wall + 4 floor weapon rack
- 1 common + 2 dagger display

Transport net:
27 air ports + 3 ground ports + 6 water ports + 6 surface ports = 42 ports

Flying Lift:
Unique flying lift to move from Vehicle to Tamriel World without loading.

Engine transformation:
Helicopter, Hovercraft, BI-Plane, Steamer, Galley, Walker, Crawler, Catamaran and etc.
Type of available engines depends on the type of port

1. Install mod
2. Load game
3. Select new spell "Return to Transformer Abode Vehicle"
4. Cast spell
5. Wait loading (while spinning a magical barrier)
6. Enjoy

SKSE & DLC not required

Controls vehicle:

Free move is not available. Available only jumps on ports.

Known Issues:
Meshes not exists and ?ompanions not support, because impossible create meshes from scripts. This home only for Player.

This mod support multi language. You can translate him on your language:

1. Download and run Skyrim String Localizer
2. Open menu "Tools \ Export STRINGS to CSV"
3. Select file "Data \ Strings \ Transformer Abode Vehicle_English.STRINGS"
4. After create CSV open *.csv file in any text editor
5. Translate phrase to your language and save file
6. Rename file "Transformer Abode Vehicle_English.CSV" to Transformer Abode Vehicle_.STRINGS
7. Open menu "Tools \ Import STRINGS from CSV"
8. Select file "Data \ Strings \ Transformer Abode Vehicle_.CSV"
9. Place translated strings file to game folder "Data \ Strings "

Translate is free and not required my permission