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Reduces when the compass markers detection range and also reduce the range before the marker icons blow up in your compass UI when you can barely see the location. End result is much cleaner compass UI and you can really have a better sense of locations around you.

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[size=+3]Compass Marker Range v1[/size]

(Feb 6, 2013) Added 2 more optional files, now exist 40%, 50%, 60% and 70% reduction range

[size=+1]What This Mod Does?[/size]
Reduces when the compass markers detection range and also reduce the range before the marker icons blow up in your compass UI when you can barely see the location.

[size=+1]The default download, as per my personal choice settings:[/size]
- Reduced the range of initial location markers detection by around 40% (12000).
- Reduced the range of when the location markers become fade to large and solid icons by 60% (4000).

[size=+1]Optional Download:[/size]
1. Compass Marker Range 50: Range reduced 50% of the vanilla Skyrim settings (5000,10000)
2. Compass Marker Range 60: Range reduced by 60% (4000,8000)
3. Compass Marker Range 70: Range reduced by 70% (3000,6000)

[size=+1]Detailed Description[/size]
I have been so frustrated for the past weeks playing with gigantic icons in my face. I can't find any mods and there's no simple ini settings to edit. Decided to make it for myself. Skyrim Nexus has been unbelievable for me, so its time for me to give back to the community.

This is a simple mod to change the UI compass markers to avoid clutter and have a better sense of the markers or locations around you. In the vanilla Skyrim settings, the range of the markers for locations around you is very far. I have Atlas Map Markers mod that introduces a whole lot more markers to the map. What I end up with is very big, cluttered and stacking markers on my compass, even those that are far away. I also cannot tell how far these location markers are because all of them are right in my face. This is especially annoying in bigger cities where there are lots of location markers around you.

The eventual result is much nicer compass UI. I still see slightly further locations markers on my compass near the main roads, but at the same time I also know which ones are really closer to me. This is promotes some exploration to go off the main roads to discover more markers.

[size=+1]Technical info:[/size]
These are the 2 settings that affect the compass markers. fHUDCompassLocationMaxDist is when the marker comes into detection range and appears on your compass initially with a faded icon. iMapMarkerFadeStartDistance is when the solid marker starts to fade and become smaller -- it is easier to understand this effect as the range being reduce for the marker to go from fading to solid and large.

fHUDCompassLocationMaxDist (Default value 20000)
I have mine set to 12000 to achieve 40% reduction

iMapMarkerFadeStartDistance (Default value 10000)
I have mine set to 4000 to achieve 60% reduction


Nexus Mod Manager:
- Download with Manager
- Double-click on the Compass Marker Range mod to install

Manual Installation:
- Extract "Compass Marker Range.esp" to your "Skyrim\Data\" folder.
- For Steam, this is typically "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\"

[size=+2]My Mods[/size]

I have a number of mods from Skyrim Nexus, but the most noticeable from my screenshots are map related. Big thanks to these modders who have contributed to the community. My experience with Elder Scrolls series, especially Skyrim would not have been so memorable.

Atlas Map Markers:
Excellent mod that introduce way more locations in the game

Legwons Coloured Map:
Colored Map Markers. I used the DW420 version for softer colors

Other Must Have Mods: (A lot of these are on the top 25/100 lists)
  • Realistic Lighting Overhaul - True lighting immersion. Darker yes, but makes Skyrim so real
  • Sky UI - Vanilla UI was terrible for PC users. This actually make it playable
  • Unofficial Skyrim Patch - fixes issues Bethesda haven't and will not fix
  • A Quality World Map - The better maps of them out there
  • ApachiiSkyHair - Real hair!
  • Wet and Cold - When you see the frosty breaths from NPCs, and snow on NPC .. it is gorgeous
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod
  • Skyrim HD - 2k Textures - Playing at the best textures! Keeping Skyrim graphically very updated!
  • Categorized Favorites Menu - Another UI that makes gameplay on PC less of a headache


Delete "Compass Marker Range.esp" from the "Skyrim/Data" folder.


No issues found


Bethesda for creating Skyrim, and skyrimnexus for creating this forum.

Thanks to "des lynam" for pointing the settings out at:

[size=+2]Update History[/size]

Feb 6, 2013
- Added another 2 more optional downloads for range reduction by 60% and 70%

v1 (Feb 3, 2013)
- Initial Release
- Default download is reduced 40% detection range, reduced 60% fade-to-solid range
- Optional download is 50% of both from vanilla Skyrim