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adds a Colovian-style leather jerkin to the game as a forgeable and temperable item.

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3 Sun's Dawn 4E 202

Only a few days until I set out to the Island of Solstheim. The Nords here I talk to all say they consider Solstheim to still be theirs, and they are only letting the Dunmer use it to be charitable after the disaster that befell Vvardenfell. I didn't know that Solstheim was ever part of Skyrim and I am still dubious about that fact.
I've been staring out into the nebulous fog of the Sea of Ghosts, and wondering if I will ever see my home again. What started as an eight year tour as a legionary soldier has turned into life as a wandering rogue. I haven't reflected much before now. What if I stayed in the Legion, instead of becoming a deserter? What if I had never crossed into Skyrim, and never got caught in that trap set for the Stormcloaks? No one knows who I am here, nor do I think they'd care. Back home they would, though, I'd get my head chopped off if I ever returned. I dream of the vineyards and fields of my home and the busy roads from Skingrad to the Gold Coast.
I was looking through some of the things the khajhit traders had last night and I found an old Colovian style leather jerkin, like my grandfather used to wear. He used to tell me the stories od how Titus Mede I, a Colovian, reunited the Empire after the chaos that began the Fourth era. He would tell me how the Imperial Legion was adapting the old Colovian designs into their legionnaire's armor and he'd point them out whenever we'd see them marching through. I always had great pride in being Colovian. Yes, I have Nord blood, but the Colovian Nord is a different type of Nord. Even a deserter, I am a Colovian legion man and always will be.

thankyou to KrimsynKane for his scarves mesh
which was used to fashion the hood for this