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Last updated at 7:13, 1 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 20:55, 2 Feb 2013

Travel to Termina, the land of Majora's Mask. It is inspired by the game, but because of obvious limitations will not be an exact replica. I would say about 70% complete, but released to receive input; so please leave comments! Purly fan-made recreation. Zelda franchise belongs to Nintendo.

How to Get There

Portal can be found near Falkreath. Check map, you should be able to fast travel to "Majora's Mask".

What's Included:
  • Clock Town with: Milk Bar,  Swordsman's School, Stock Pot Inn, Mayor's Residence, Observatory Path, Laundry Pool, Post Office, Trading Shop, Curiosity Shop
  • Great Bay Coast
  • Mountain Village
  • Goron Village
  • Termina Field
  • Southern Swamp
  • Milk Road
  • Gorman Track
  • Ikana Canyon
  • Graveyard
  • Inside of Moon
  • Pirate's Fortress
  • Zora Hall
  • Woodfall Temple
  • Deku Kingdom
  • Ikana Kingdom
  • The world of Termina is basically completed! All that's left is detail. Lots and lots of detail... Speaking of which:

    I Need Help!
    This mod needs help. While Termina is basically done, there are many interiors left to make, and I don't have all the time in the world. Here
    is a list of all the interiors that still need to be made:
    • Bomb shop
    • Lottery shop
    • Honey and Darling
    • Redo clock tower
    • Smithy
    • Goron area
    • Temples
    • Music house
    • Sakons hideout
    • Pirate fortress
    • Goron racetrack
    • House for Dampe
    • Great bay fisherman house
    • Deku kingdom
    • Great fairy fountains
    • Observatory
    • Hook building
    • Swamp boat tour house
    • Witches shop
    • Spider houses
    • Romani barn
    • Darmini grave
    • Mayor's Residence

    Make them in your own .esp, don't add to mine. You don't need permission to start, just let me know what you're doing. Thanks!
    Also, looking for TEMPLE DESIGNERS, custom meshes, scripters, quests, voice actors, ect.

    Frequent problem: I'm Getting CTD!
    Go to the files menu, and under "optional files" download racecompatability and hylianrace.

    Suggestions welcome!


    Big thanks to RiliththeRogue for his fantastic voice acting as: The Happy Mask Salesman
    Mage Backpack by Tumbajamba
    Music by the ZREO team
    Textures from Innovation Team
    Hylain Race from MaGlas
    Hoddminir Plants and Trees