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Gives you the ability to obtain distance and visibility dependent information on your target. Many options to choose from allow to obtain the target\'s distance, experience, aggression, race, armor, faction and weapon. The level of detail (and exactness of the distance measurement) depends on the distance and visibility of the target. The use of a

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Thanks to all for endorsing!

Main News: Version 1.1.3 is available + Optional downloads: Crosshairs for KettleWitch's Telescope

More News: Arrow in the Knee. Added another high res crosshair with calibrated etchings, which enables you to perform high distance shots!

[size=18]THE CONCEPT[/size]
Originally, I only wanted to be able to measure the distance to my enemies, due to the archery tree in SkyRe, which has distance dependent damage and bow effectiveness. Later, I added options to also obtain some information on the target's properties such as its experience or aggression, which (especially in conjunction with a telescope, see below) allows you to scout your targets carefully before taking them out, favoring a hunter or archer type of character.

  • Perceive the information you want. Many options to choose from allow to obtain the target's distance, experience, aggression, race, armor, faction and weapon by using the Guess Distance power (or spell) on your target (use a telescope for far away targets)...
  • ...with the level of detail depending on the distance and visibility of your target (e.g. the distance measurement has an error range, which increases with distance and decreasing visibility)
  • Scout your foes from far away before attacking by using the Telescope by KettleWitch.
  • Many features are optional and can be toggled in the MCM entry for this mod.

Thanks a lot @Brodual! The video shows version 1.0 of the mod.

SKSE is required (click here for how to install), and the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) introduced in SkyUI v3 is needed for configuring the options. Installation is standard. Use any mod manager you like, or install manually.

[size=15]HOW TO USE[/size]
When starting the mod for the first time, you will obtain the lesser power "Guess Distance Power", which allows you to obtain information while aiming at an arbitrary actor. Check out your MCM entry for all options.

  • This mod is much more convenient, when used in conjunction with the Telescope created by KettleWitch
  • The ability to guess the distance to your target is very usefull when using the marksmanship skill tree provided by SkyRe

This is considered as an early starting point (but no beta, since everything should work fine... but please report bugs, if you find any). Currently planned improvements contain the following...
  • Lore version: At the moment, there is only the 'Pure Data version', which shows the perceived data in notifications with high information density I plan to add a lore version, which gives you a justification for your enhanced senses, that fits into the Skyrim lore (probably based on Kynareth)
  • Improved target acquisition: I need to find a way to improve how the target is chosen. Sometimes it can be hard to point at the region where the actor can be 'activated', especially when the target is moving.

  • 1.0 - Initial release
  • 1.1 - Complete code cleanup, more compact appearance of notifications, reworked the MCM entry with additional options and improved structure, new (more realistic) scheme for the impact of distance and visibility on the level of detail, different names for the power and spell to choose from, ...
  • 1.1.1 - Optional whisper sound effect added... check it out (Finally, you can hear the winds whispering!)
  • 1.1.2 - Added an optional hotkey (check the MCM) and volume control for the whisper sound effect.
  • Optional Files - Added several crosshairs in different resolutions and styles for KettleWitch's Telescope as optional downloads. Also check out KettleWitch's new optional downlaod 'ArchersHelper", which is very appealing by itself, but also serves as a good starting point in making your own crosshair for the Telescope, if you want.
  • 1.1.3 - Added real compabitility with KettleWitch's Telescope: Configurable bonus on distance measurement and level of detail, when looking through a telescope. This will allow us to get even more use out of a telescope.
  • Optional download - Added another high res crosshair with calibrated etchings, which allows high accuracy distance shots. Made to use together with the following arrow settings in the SKYRIM.INI (The calibration was done with Skyrim Redone (SkyRe) active, which changes the arrow speed and gravity. Thus I don't know how well the scope behaves in vanilla Skyrim. Would be glad, if someone could test it and report back, since I'm very busy right now.)