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Added: 01/02/2013 - 06:01AM
Updated: 12/02/2013 - 06:18PM

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Last updated at 18:18, 12 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 6:01, 1 Feb 2013

This mod is intended to quickly loadout companions, thereby eliminating the hassle of having to type in alot of console commands.

I'm very particular about the look of my gear and my character/companions appearances, so I can't stand not being able to choose my gear. Plus this mod is great for alt faction roleplaying purposes.

These scripts will spawn a complete outfit for your character or companion aswell as a shield.

Extra notes:
I did not alter anyones files or change anything to anyones files at all. These scripts just spawn the gear for you to use on characters or companions eliminating the hassle and time of using console commands.


I have chosen to upload my progress nightly of the top 10 armor mods both endorsed and downloaded on nexus. So everytime I work on new script files I will upload a new version at the end of the night before I goto bed.

Zip file contents in v4d


Added in v4d

Added in v4c

Added in v4b

Added in v4a

You can download the latest script files as I upload them. Current version is v4c
v4d's removal tool has been verified to function properly. I included a complete test folder to verify its execution and deletion works 100%.

v4e is the next version that will feature black sacrament scripts.

Its strongly recommended you view the readme included with the zip file as each readme to each folder contains different information.


Extra info:
How do I run these scripts to get my gear?
Copy all of the scripts you want to use to your main skyrim directory, then simply load the game and type bat ""

Script sorting:
I put all of the scripts, tools, and plugin files in seperate folders to help the user choose only the scripts they want to use based upon what mods they are wanting to use.

bat "bladesgear"

would give me all of my blades gear to quickly loadout a companion.

Please note that scripts require quotes around the name to execute them thru the console. This isn't a typo, its what is required when using scripts.


Using custom armors scripts: (No ones load order is the same, so your number will be different to mine or anyonelses. To use custom armors you must follows these two simple steps using notepad++.) It takes less than two minutes to make your custom armors usable.

If these images don't appear correctly for you, then see my uploaded images on this mods page or the images included in the zip file.