Interior Doors added to Taverns and Inns by Leaping Lizard
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Imperial Inn & Tavern Door Commission
By Leaping Lizard
Version 1.1


Read the story of the Imperial Inn & Tavern Door Commission and its year long investigation into the mysterious lack of interior doors in Skyrims Taverns and Inns.

Marvel at its earth shattering conclusion !

Ok... this mod adds interior doors to all the Inns and Taverns of skyrim and a book! No longer will your cute breton mage be fearful of a randy orc interupting her sleep in the middle of the night.

Secure your valubles and your virtue with lockable doors !

The doors are fully animated and are closed but unlocked by default.

To use the lock and unlock feature requires use of the console or a spell. Enter console by pressing ` key. click the door and type lock. to unlock click the door and type unlock)

If u don't want to use the console I recommend this excellent mod that adds lock and unlock spells.

The commissions mutliple page report can be found in Inns & Taverns throughout Skyrim.


Save InnDoors.esp into your skyrim data folder eg skyrim\data
- Activate it using the standard skyrim launcher or your favorite mod manager.


Delete InnDoors.esp


Do not upload this mod anywhere without my permission.
You may not use this mod in any other mods without my permission.