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Transforms much of the hjaalmarch march area into an immersive and claustrophibic forest, particularly around movarth's lair and the abandoned shack near morthal. Part of my Immersive Environments Project. SSE version found here or on the SSE nexus!

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The Marshlands is an attempt at creating an environment which i felt was missing from skyrim, which is deep, atmospheric thickets of woodland which you can get lost in. This has been achieved mainly just by adding flora (living and dead) and enlarging flora already present in the game, making this area feel much more closed and claustrophobic compared to the rest of skyrim. i am planning to add many more features including an abandoned village, caves and overgrown ruins as well as werewolves and other nasties. oh and probably a few quests. saying all this, i realised during testing that fighting dragons in this area is very difficult, and i see why this environment was not added to the game xD but at the moment this mod really changes only a small area so please give it a try anyway! looking forward to hearing feedback and inevitable bugs, i am also open to any ideas people might have

good news! new version is now compatible with Skyrim flora overhaul and 3d Trees! the new version also contains barrels and drawers in the old Hjaal which narrated the story of what happened to the village

Version 1.2 released! read what happened to old Hjaal by finding burned journal pages in the buildings, look hard, most are on mantlepeices/furnature/in fireplaces, 7 in total. try it and tell me what you think! if any of you have good pc's out there please take some decent screenshots with cool enb's as my pc can barely run the game...