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These are 4 unique imperial followers who will and can follow you to the depths of hell. These as of now are basic followers who should be compatible with every single follower mod made. In the (not to distant) future i will be adding things like so.

-unique dialogue for better immersion and roleplay

-more than just 4 followers Goal is to make an entire legion for the players bidding

-Options to level with player

-Quests to obtain these followers or make them available after you finish the Legion storyline quest.

-an interactive camp for you and your followers/legion. that you can defend against stormcloak attacks

-new quest or possible storyline to be linked with your legion.

-more unique follower appearance.

-Any crime

These followers though they be apart of the honorable imperial legion, They are your soldiers to command. They will over look any crime you do and commit any crime you ask of them.

-Unique and immersive names, rank, and backstory

These soldiers though may not look the part yet, They are unique and aim to stand out from the rest.

-Compatiable with all mods.

These soldiers can be found in the bannered mare in whiterun They are on the top level up the stairs above the bard. as i stated before right now there is no requirements for these men to follow you. So even if you arent even in the imperial legion. They will still follow you as regular companions (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)


Mods that go well with these companions.