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A male Redguard follower found in The Winking Skeever in Solitude.

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There are so few male Redguard followers on the Nexus that I decided to make a basic one.
He's a babarian so he's skilled in twohanded weapons and light armor, but he can use bows too. He levels from lvl 10 - 60. (all this can be changed with Amazing Follower Tweaks)
He's equiped with scaled armor and wields a greatsword, but give him whatever equipment you want him to use.
He's also added to the marriage faction so you should be able to marry him if you want to.

He can be found in "The WInking Skeever" in Solitude. He will most likely sit at a table on the upper level.
You will see him decapitate enemies quite often, it's fun to watch. :D

Version 1.1:
Added perks and a unique combat style. Raised his lvl cap to 60.

You will need the high res face textures from Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles to make him look like in the screenshots. (download the file "Faces - GeonoxFaces")